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Boiler cleaning agents can be regarded as the nemesis of boiler fouling treatment
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Boiler cleaning agents can be regarded as the nemesis of boiler fouling treatment

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The whole boiler is like a large container, with plastic sprayed steel plate or galvanized corrugated plate on the outside, and the color of plastic sprayed plate can be selected by the user. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and less chemical incomplete combustion loss. Due to the low flow rate of flue gas at the tail, it plays a role in soot deposition. All sides of the boiler body are welded by membrane wall, which is fully sealed by steel structure, preventing the occurrence of air leakage, and greatly improving the hygiene and cleanliness of the boiler room.

From the current actual situation in China, the number of medium and low pressure boilers is quite large, and they are distributed in various industries. After impurities contained in boiler feed water enter the boiler, after continuous evaporation and concentration, solid precipitates, commonly known as "scale", will precipitate on the remaining surfaces of the boiler. Therefore, the necessity of using boiler water treatment agents in boiler feed water is to remove scale.

Due to the different treatment methods for boiler feedwater and boiler water, the specific conditions for generating scale vary greatly, resulting in significant differences in the scale formation. The boiler is an indispensable power and heating equipment in modern industrial society. After a long time of operation, the boiler has dirt and rust problems, leading to poor heat transfer, which reduces the effectiveness of the boiler, increases fuel consumption, and increases operating costs. At the same time, there is a risk of bulging in the furnace tube, explosion, and shortened boiler life. Therefore, after the boiler scales, the necessary method to be taken is to use boiler cleaning agents for scale removal and inhibition.

The dedicated descaling agent for boiler cleaning can benefit users from several aspects:

1. Energy conservation and consumption reduction. Due to the improvement of boiler thermal efficiency, it can increase the thermal efficiency of energy by approximately 10%. This indicator is also an indicator that boiler manufacturers strive to improve during design.

2. Improve the safety of boiler products. The serious consequence of unsafe boilers is boiler explosions. Especially steam boilers, due to their high pressure, have greater explosive power and destructive power. Safety is the most important factor to consider when using a boiler.

3. Ensure smooth water circulation in the boiler, thereby improving safety and avoiding water blockage.

4. Extend the service life of the boiler and improve its utilization rate. A boiler can cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, effectively extending its lifespan and saving customers a lot of money.

Therefore, in the case of qualified water supply, the water used in the boiler should be strictly controlled to meet national standards during operation; And prevent the generation of scale during operation, and after scaling, timely treatment is necessary to thoroughly prevent and remove scale in the boiler and control water quality.

To solve the above problems, the most scientific method currently is to add comprehensive and effective chemicals for boiler operation and maintenance, as well as regular cleaning and descaling.


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