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What is the reason for water in the steam at the outlet of the steam boiler?
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What is the reason for water in the steam at the outlet of the steam boiler?

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When the steam boiler produces saturated steam, due to some reasons of the steam boiler itself, the steam contains water, resulting in insufficient dryness of the steam and water in the saturated steam. In this paper, Jiangsu Sifang boiler briefly analyzes the main reasons.

The main reasons are as follows:

1. Load of steam boiler. If the load of the steam boiler is increased, some boiler water is not heated into steam in time, which will lead to steam entrainment along with steam outflow.

2. The pressure of the steam. When the pressure of the steam increases, the ability of the steam to carry water increases. The pressure is high, the molecular thermal motion is strengthened, the kinetic energy is enhanced, the water droplets are broken into fine particles and are easy to be taken away. Meanwhile, the density difference of steam and water is small, and the separation is difficult. All these make the water carrying capacity of steam enhanced.

3. Height of steam space of steam drum. The steam space height refers to the height from the water surface of the steam drum to the saturated steam outlet. The height is small, and water droplets are easy to be taken away. When the height reaches 0.6m, the steam humidity will obviously increase with the decrease of the height. When the height is above 1.0 ~ 1.2m, the steam humidity will hardly decrease with the increase of the height.

4. Salt content of boiler water in the steam boiler. When the salt content of the boiler water in the steam boiler increases, the viscosity of the boiler water increases, and a foam layer is formed on the surface of the boiler water, which will increase the possibility of steam carrying water.

The above is the reason analysis of water in the outlet steam of the steam boiler of Jiangsu Sifang boiler. Steam with water will affect the quality of steam. Generally, steam boiler will have steam water separator to separate steam and water to ensure the quality of steam. The above reasons should be avoided as much as possible during the boiler operation to produce high-quality steam.


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