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What are the reasons for the leakage of the autoclave sealing ring?How to repair?
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What are the reasons for the leakage of the autoclave sealing ring?How to repair?

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The common reasons for the leakage of the autoclave sealing ring are as follows:

(1) The high temperature use of the sealing ring will make the rubber hard and brittle;

(2) The inner or outer quality of the sealing ring is not high;

(3) There are deep nicks or grooves on the flange end face of the kettle cover or the side of the sealing ring in contact with the sealing ring;

(4) There are hard impurities in the contact between the sealing ring and the end face of the flange of the kettle cover;

(5) The inlet steam pressure is not enough or the inlet steam pipe is blocked;

(6) The sealing ring is unevenly placed or twisted and twisted.

Corresponding countermeasures:

(1) Replace the new ring;

(2) The internal or external quality of the replaced ring should be guaranteed. If there are small external defects, it can be partially ground and smoothed;

(3) To eliminate nicks or grooves, it can be polished to make a smooth transition and eliminate steps;

(4) Remove sundries;

(5) Improve the sealing inlet steam pressure and eliminate blockage;

(6) Carefully and evenly place the sealing ring, and there must be no twisting phenomenon.

Points to note:

(1) The sealing ring is a vulnerable part, the quality of the replaced sealing ring must be good, and the inferior and defective products must not be used immediately;

(2) To prevent mechanical damage to the surface of the sealing ring, be careful when placing it, and do not do it hastily;

(3) Ensure that the steam inlet pipe is unobstructed and the sealing pressure does not drop.

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