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What are the measures for energy saving and emission reduction of autoclave?
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What are the measures for energy saving and emission reduction of autoclave?

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1. Recycling of residual steam in the autoclave: After the product is steamed and cured, the steam in the autoclave passes through the reverse steam dividing cylinder, and the residual steam is passed into another autoclave to be boosted and steamed to achieve the recovery of low-pressure steam. The purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

2. Flash evaporation of high-temperature condensed water discharged from the autoclave: According to the principle of high-temperature condensed water flashing, there is still residual steam of about 0.5 MPa after the high-temperature condensed water and multiple autoclaves are poured through a certain volume. The flash treatment of the flash tank recovers the heat of the high-temperature condensed water and part of the residual steam.

3. Using flash evaporation technology, the steam generated is used to preheat the boiler soft water through the coil to increase the feed water temperature of the boiler water.

4. The condensed water of the autoclave contains high Ca(0H)2, which is alkaline. Use alkaline condensed water to replace the mixing water for pipe pile concrete, lime-sand bricks, aerated concrete, etc. to improve the alkalinity of products. It is beneficial to the hydrothermal synthesis reaction of calcium-silicon materials during the steam curing process.

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