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Operation steps of the oven
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Operation steps of the oven

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1. Turn on the induced draft fan to discharge the furnace gas;

Lay the prepared firewood and base material with a thickness of about 250 mm, and then ignite it with a torch. At the beginning, the ventilation should be small, and the fire should be carried out according to the requirements of the heating curve. In the later stage, the speed of the induced draft fan is increased, and the temperature is increased according to the oven curve.

2. Oven standard: based on the moisture content of the brick wall.

When the refractory brick mortar moisture content of the furnace wall reaches about 7%, and the red brick mortar reaches 7-10%, it is possible to start the furnace without baking the furnace separately. After the furnace is finished, the moisture content of the furnace wall mortar is below 2.5%. Oven finished.

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