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Heat source of waste heat boiler
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Heat source of waste heat boiler

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Waste heat resources refer to the energy that may be recycled but not yet recycled under existing conditions, and is considered to be the fifth largest conventional energy after coal, oil, natural gas and hydropower.According to its source, it can be divided into six categories: high-temperature flue gas waste heat (the highest proportion, reaching 50%), cooling medium waste heat, waste heat of waste gas and waste water, waste heat of high-temperature products and slag, chemical reaction heat, waste heat of combustible waste gas and waste liquid and waste heat.These waste heat resources can be used for power generation, driving machinery, heating or cooling, etc., thus reducing the consumption of primary energy and reducing thermal pollution to the environment.

my country's industrial energy consumption accounts for about 70%.Industrial enterprises are major energy consumers in China (such as steel, metallurgy, building materials and other industries), and their energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the country's total energy consumption. The average unit energy consumption of major industrial products is about 30% higher than the international advanced level.In addition to the relatively backward production technology and unreasonable industrial structure, the low utilization rate of industrial waste heat and insufficient comprehensive utilization of energy are important reasons for the high energy consumption. my country's energy utilization rate is only about 33%, which is 10% lower than that of developed countries. %, at least 50% of industrial energy consumption is directly discarded as waste heat in various forms.Therefore, the utilization of waste heat has great potential for improvement.

A waste heat boiler is a boiler that utilizes the sensible heat in the waste gas, waste or waste liquid in various industrial processes or the heat generated by the combustion of combustible substances.The biggest difference from conventional boilers is the heat source for heating.The heat source of the waste heat boiler can be high temperature flue gas waste heat, chemical reaction waste heat, combustible waste gas waste heat, or even high temperature product waste heat.On the one hand, the waste heat boiler can use the waste gas and waste energy in industrial production to generate steam for power generation and heating, and at the same time, it can also settle the dust and other environmental pollutants in the waste gas to reduce the discharge of solid, liquid or gaseous harmful substances.Waste heat boiler is a typical energy saving and emission reduction equipment.

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