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The company held "Success starts from excellent employees" special training camp activities
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The company held "Success starts from excellent employees" special training camp activities

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        On February 5, the company's long-prepared 2012 series of training activities continued.This time, Mr. Chen Zhongzheng, an expert in the introduction of Chinese private enterprise organization system, a famous domestic salary system design expert, a Chinese team replication system construction tutor, a famous Chinese human resources practical consultant, and the president of China Peilian Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., was invited to customize the special course. A one-day "successful start from excellent employees" special training camp was carried out.All the company's technical staff, sales staff, management staff and logistics staff participated in the special training activities.The company's general manager Ye Feng and other senior executives of the company attended the event.
At 8:30 in the morning, the special training activity started on time in the auditorium of the library of Xuzhou Industrial Vocational and Technical College.Mr. Chen Zhongzheng used a total of four classes in the morning and afternoon, focusing on the theme of "success starts from excellent employees", successively from the five mentalities necessary for excellent employees, the key to the most valuable employees, and how to create a higher level for the company. Value, what should I do if my income is multiplied and how to cultivate a loving heart, etc., in the form of speeches, classic case demonstrations, teacher-student interactions, etc., to demonstrate and interpret "Success starts from excellent employees" subject requirements.The audience burst into warm applause from time to time.
        Before and after the training activity, Mr. Ye Feng, the general manager of the company, made a brief speech with enthusiasm.While thanking Mr. Chen Zhongzheng for his wonderful speech, he asked all the colleagues in the company to participate in the event to "learn what you know, know what you are confused, and do what you are puzzled", closely integrate his own thinking and work practice, and keep in mind "Success starts from excellent employees", in the new year, with a more energetic and promising attitude, truly turn the current job into a career, turn this career into one's own career, and devote all my heart and soul to our Jiangsu Quartet Go to the boiler business and realize your life value and pursuit.
        Mr. Chen Zhongzheng has been invited to do consulting and training in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country. He has been invited to train with China Mobile, China Telecom, COFCO International Group, Zhongyuan Real Estate Group, Hong Kong Dayang Group, Japan Shiseido, Tiandi Heavy Industry Group, etc. Many well-known companies.There are thousands of training sessions, helping more companies achieve their goals, building teams, and teaching audiences of nearly 100,000 people.He has been building and researching teams for the past ten years. In the business and training circles, Mr. Chen Zhongzheng is known as "the first person to build a Chinese team"!(Lord Jade)

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