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The company grandly held the 2011 annual work summary and commendation meeting
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The company grandly held the 2011 annual work summary and commendation meeting

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        On the morning of January 18, our company grandly held the 2011 annual work summary and commendation meeting in Xuzhou Huaihaitang Theater.More than 700 cadres and employees of the company attended the meeting.The meeting mainly summarized the company's work in 2011, arranged and deployed the company's various plans in 2012, and commended and rewarded the advanced collectives and advanced individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the company's work in the past year.
        At about 8:00 in the morning, all the employees of the company arrived at the venue one after another by 5 buses.At 8:30, the meeting officially started.First, the general manager of the company, Mr. Ye Feng, on behalf of the company's management committee, made a brief speech on the company's work last year and this spring; the company's chairman, Mr. Duan Xuqiang, made a briefing on the 2011 annual work summary, 2012 goals and tasks, and a report on deployment.At the meeting, the decision on commending the 2011 advanced collectives, advanced cadres, advanced workers, sales pacesetters, technological innovation and innovation awards, advanced teams in quality work, advanced pacesetters in quality work and other awards was read out; the awards were finally given.In the grand and festive music and the rounds of applause from all the participants, 19 advanced groups including the container gas cutting class of the production department, and 86 advanced individuals including Chang Chunmei, Zhang Longhai, Yan Ji, Qin Bailong were commended and rewarded.Among them, the sales pacesetter personally won a bonus of more than 300,000 yuan, and the technical innovation expert Yan Ji won one first prize and four third prizes, with a bonus of more than 20,000 yuan.
        This annual summary and commendation meeting was held successfully and successfully with the joint efforts of all the participants.General Manager Ye's speech briefly summarized the main work and achievements in implementing the company's business and development policies and objectives in the past year, and made forward-looking and planning for the overall target plan for 2012. confidence.Chairman Duan's summary report on "2011 Work Summary and 2012 Work Deployment" not only made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the company's development in the past year, but also put forward the company's work plan and work ideas in 2012, and made it clear The company's goal.The speech was inspiring and inspiring, so that the participants could see the company's brilliant prospects, and it strengthened our confidence in Sifang Boiler to climb and develop by leaps and bounds.The company solemnly commended and rewarded the advanced collectives and advanced individuals in 2011, and rewarded the outstanding projects and quality that emerged in the "technical innovation" activities" and "quality first" activities in the past year. The pacesetter and the advanced collective of quality. All the participants once again experienced the advanced style and saw the advanced example, thus stimulating a strong impetus for the new year's work to achieve better results.
        The meeting ended successfully at about 11:00 in the morning. A special movie was shown after the meeting. (Deyu)

The picture shows Mr. Duan meeting

, making a work summary report at the venue of the


Xuqiang , chairman of the


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