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WNSL Oil Gas Fired Boiler
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WNSL Oil Gas Fired Boiler

NOx emission as low as <30mg/Nm³
  • steam boiler  hot water boiler 

  • 1-15 tons 

  • 0.7-14MW 


Our company's WNSL oil-fired gas boiler is an environmentally friendly boiler developed on the basis of the company's years of experience in producing oil-fired gas boilers and through years of cooperation with domestic famous scientific research units and colleges.In recent years, the company has developed the latest generation of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly fuel-gas condensing boilers by introducing a group of mature oil-gas boiler main personnel and combining with the company's existing oil-gas boiler operation data.The flue gas after combustion of natural gas contains a large amount of water vapor, and the latent heat of vaporization is recovered to increase the boiler efficiency to more than 100%.Suitable for natural gas, light oil, heavy oil and other fuels, widely used in clothing factories, hospitals, schools, hotels, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, beverage factories, rubber factories, chemical factories, paper factories, building materials industries, etc.With the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages of boilers, it is favored by more and more enterprises.Sifang Boiler has a professional oil and gas furnace production line, which realizes the automation of the boiler from blanking to processing, welding, and assembly, ensuring the product quality and production cycle of the boiler, and escorting the large-scale production of the enterprise.

Technical advantages

Unique structural design

It adopts the unique design of central back-firing and two-pass, the center of the combustion chamber is arranged at a low position, and the heat exchange flue pipe is symmetrically distributed on the left and right.

The rational application of the corrugated furnace and the threaded smoke pipe of the enhanced heat transfer element not only strengthens the turbulent heat transfer of the high-temperature flue gas, but also effectively absorbs the thermal expansion and contraction of the furnace body.

The boiler adopts the design idea of large furnace, which burns completely, is not easy to deposit carbon, has the characteristics of high efficiency and sufficient output, and low nitrogen oxide emission.

The economizer and condenser are arranged on the top of the boiler, with compact structure and no floor space.

The economizer and condenser adopt the spiral finned tube type to enhance heat transfer, and the countercurrent arrangement has good heat transfer performance.

The condenser is made of special ND steel, which has good corrosion resistance to condensed water and greatly improves the service life.

Reasonable flue structure, smoke box hydrophobic structure, condensed water is easy to discharge, collect and process.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The boiler adopts the design idea of large furnace to reduce the heat load of the furnace volume. With professional burners, the NOx emission is as low as <30mg/Nm³.

99% of the composition of natural gas is methane (CH4), which contains a large amount of hydrogen (H). The flue gas after combustion contains a large amount of water vapor. According to theoretical calculations, the proportion of water vapor in the flue gas is about 18%. If the water vapor is condensed into water and the latent heat of vaporization is recovered, about 5% of the heat is recovered, and the boiler efficiency can be increased to > 100%.


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