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SFG (π-type) Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler
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SFG (π-type) Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Steam output: 35t/h--280t/h
  • steam boiler 

  • 1-15 tons 

  • 0.7-14MW 


Our company's SFG type oil-fired gas boiler is an environmentally friendly power generation boiler developed on the basis of our company's years of experience in producing oil-fired gas boilers and through years of cooperation with domestic famous scientific research units and colleges.

SFG type fuel gas boiler mainly adopts π type structure.

Product series Fuel types: natural gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, converter gas, artificial coal gas, chemical fuel gas, light oil, heavy oil

Steam output: 35t/h--280t/h;

Steam pressure: low pressure, medium pressure, sub-high pressure, high pressure Steam temperature: various saturation parameters, low temperature superheat, medium temperature and medium pressure, high temperature and high pressure

Structural features Furnace features: π-type fuel (oil) gas boiler.

Technical advantages

Unique structural design

It adopts a suspended full-membrane wall light-weight tube-laying furnace wall structure, which can expand freely in all directions, with light weight and good thermal insulation performance.

The boiler layout is convenient, suitable for various capacities and various fuels.

Auxiliary heating surfaces such as economizers and air preheaters are supplied in modular form to reduce the workload of on-site installation.

Standardized design of membrane wall and serpentine tube reduces lead time.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The boiler adopts the design idea of large furnace to reduce the heat load of the furnace volume. With professional burners, the NOx emission is as low as <30mg/Nm³.

According to the characteristics of the fuel, the heating surfaces such as the feed water preheater and the air preheater are reasonably arranged to ensure the highest energy efficiency.


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