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SFG Coal Fired Boiler
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SFG Coal Fired Boiler

≤220t/h all kinds of super high pressure, medium and low pressure boilers
  • steam boiler 

  • 25-40 tons  41-90 tons  91-168 tons 


The corner tube boiler is provided with corner tubes (that is, large-diameter descending tubes) at its four corners to support the boiler, and the drum is arranged horizontally on the top of the front wall of the boiler. Water-cooled structure, all the heating surfaces are supported by themselves, and the heating surfaces can expand freely, which simplifies the boiler structure and saves steel. Make the boiler safer.

Technical Features

1. High thermal efficiency of boiler

The membrane water wall of the boiler adopts an all-welded structure, which has good sealing performance and no air leakage, which reduces the excess air coefficient of the flue gas and reduces the loss q2 of the exhaust gas;

The heavy-duty refractory brick and red brick wall structure used in traditional industrial boilers are changed to light-weight furnace walls, which have good thermal insulation effect, reduce heat dissipation loss q6, and the heat storage of the furnace wall is small, and the boiler starts and stops quickly.

2. Light steel consumption - no steel frame structure

The corner tube boiler adopts a self-supporting structure. The weight of the body is supported by the membrane-type water cooling wall and the descending tube, and all the membrane-type walls are welded into one, and the seismic performance is good.

3. Brand new furnace wall insulation, low boiler room cost

The outer wall of the boiler is made of light thermal insulation materials, and the outer cover is a model board, which has a good thermal insulation effect; there is no brick on the inner and outer walls of the boiler, and no steel frame structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the boiler. The basic load-bearing of the boiler is reduced by more than half, and the height of the body is also reduced. The height of the entire boiler room can save a lot of building materials and greatly reduce the total cost of the boiler room.

4. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and less pollution

The whole boiler is like a large container, the exterior is made of plastic-sprayed steel plate or galvanized corrugated plate, and the color of the plastic-sprayed plate can be selected by the user; the boiler has high thermal efficiency and less chemical incomplete combustion loss. To the effect of smoke and dust settlement; the boiler body is made of tailor-welded membrane walls around the body, and the steel structure is fully sealed, which prevents the occurrence of air leakage and greatly improves the sanitation and cleanliness of the boiler room.

5. Superior performance and strong safety

There is no refractory brick wall in the furnace of the corner tube boiler, and the heating is uniform. The membrane water-cooled wall produced by international standards has small thermal stress and fast heat transfer. Therefore, this type of boiler starts quickly, heats up quickly, and has strong adaptability to load changes; there is no The refractory brick wall structure reduces a lot of heat storage; the design of the grate frame is reasonable, especially the cast iron structure is used in front of the frame supporting the driving shaft, which effectively ensures that the driving shaft will not be partially displaced under various loads, ensuring that the furnace Safe and reliable operation of the whole boiler; the whole boiler is welded into a whole by the film-type water-cooling wall, and the balls that can be freely displaced are installed at a certain angle at the fulcrum of one side, which can avoid the thermal expansion and cooling of the boiler.

6. Low failure rate, easy maintenance and long operating life

The angle tube boiler is easy to maintain, and the grate pieces are easy to assemble and disassemble. If the grate pieces are damaged during the operation of the boiler, they can be replaced without stopping the furnace; Several rows of tubes need to be cut off; the angle tube boiler is lower than the traditional bulk boiler, and the structure is relatively compact, which completely eliminates the corrosion of furnace parts caused by low temperature condensation of corrosive volatiles in the upper part of the blast furnace.

7. Low installation, operation and maintenance costs

The boiler is assembled in large pieces and disassembled on site, which can shorten the installation period of the boiler and save the installation cost; the boiler has high thermal efficiency, easy operation, and the relative labor and electricity costs are greatly reduced; because the boiler has no refractory brick wall, it can save a lot of boilers every year. maintenance costs.

innovative design

1. Secondary wind turbulence design

The main function of the secondary air is to disturb the airflow in the furnace and enhance the mutual cooperation, thereby reducing the heat loss of q3 and q4 without increasing α.By using the opposite blowing of the secondary air, the vortex flow of the flue gas can be organized, the travel of the fly ash in the furnace can be prolonged, and part of the fly ash can be thrown back to the grate, which is conducive to eliminating smoke and dust and reducing the loss of fly ash; The flue gas flows according to the required route, so as to extend the flue gas flow, improve the fullness of the airflow in the furnace, control the position of the combustion center, and prevent local slagging in the furnace; the secondary air can provide a part of oxygen to help it burn .

The company has set up secondary air on the left and right sides of the boiler, and the height of the secondary air is different. The two secondary airs are used in conjunction with each other to make the combustion more sufficient.

In order to have the effect of disturbing the airflow in the furnace, so as to extend the flue gas flow, improve the fullness of the airflow, and make the combustion more sufficient, the square corner tube boiler adopts an independent secondary fan instead of connecting the secondary air from the primary air.

2. Equal flow rate design

The innovative design of variable section at the tail increases smoke velocity, reduces ash deposition, and improves heat transfer coefficient.

3. Relatively stagnant area without smoke

The flue gas is stagnant, which aggravates the corrosion of the pipes on the heating surface. However, the top of the furnace in the corner-tube boiler we designed has a large inclination angle, and a large folding flame angle is adopted at the furnace outlet. There is no smoke stagnation zone at all.

4. Membrane wall header design without pipe joints

The membrane type wall header has no pipe joint design, and the membrane type wall piece is inserted and welded on the installation site, which reduces the pipe connection and flaw detection, and shortens the installation period.

5. Anti-fouling design

Tail heating surface:

(1) The constant flow velocity and variable cross-section design of the rear heating surface ensures that the minimum smoke velocity of the flag-type heating surface is >6m/s;

(2) The sootblower interface is reserved for each stage of the rear heating surface, and the sootblower is installed;

Empty preprocessor:

(1) Guaranteed smoke velocity of air preheater (10-12) m/s;

(2) Use large diameter pipes to prevent clogging;

6. Low oxygen combustion

The corner tube boiler of our company is a fully enclosed membrane wall structure, with good sealing performance and small boiler air leakage coefficient.

The boiler body adopts the latest round furnace door. The furnace door is an embedded furnace door, which is welded with the membrane wall around it. It has good sealing performance and effectively prevents low-temperature corrosion.

product category

1. Coal-fired boiler:

≤220t/h all kinds of super high pressure, medium and low pressure boilers

2. SFG series power station boiler:

20t/h~220t/h Various sub-high pressure and medium pressure boilers

3. DHL series steam boiler:

20t/h~220t/h various low pressure boilers

4. DHL series hot water boiler:

14MW ~ 116MW various low pressure hot water boilers


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