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QXX Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
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QXX Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

≤480t/h All kinds of ultra-high pressure, high, medium and low pressure boilers
  • hot water boiler 

  • 0.7-14MW  14.1-29MW  29.1-58MW  58.1-168MW 


The circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts the circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) technology, that is, the fuel is burned in a fluidized state, and the materials flying out of the furnace are collected by the gas-solid separator, returned to the furnace, and circulated for combustion and utilization.Circulating fluidized bed combustion is a clean combustion technology with high efficiency and low pollution. One of the burning equipment.

In order to seek breakthroughs, on the basis of our own research and development and production of circulating fluidized bed boilers, our company has strengthened the connection of relevant national energy conservation and environmental protection policies through in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Xi'an Academy, combined with domestic advanced circulating fluidized bed boilers. Boiler operation data, developed the latest generation of safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly circulating fluidized bed boiler products.

Technical advantages

1. Steady state design theory to ensure various performances

The steady state design theory provides a theoretical basis for the structural design and performance calculation of the boiler. After designing according to the steady state theory, the layout of the heating surfaces at all levels of the boiler is more reasonable, the combustion is more complete, the temperature field is more uniform, and the operating parameters and design parameters are highly consistent .

2. The theory of flow reconfiguration to reduce boiler power consumption and wear

The theory of fluid reconfiguration clarifies the quantitative relationship between the bed material and various parameters and indexes of boiler operation.For different fuels, the fluidized bed boiler can control the proportion of coarse and fine particles in the circulating material by improving the separation efficiency of the separator and reduce the bed inventory within a certain range for low bed pressure operation.

The pressure head of the primary and secondary fans of the boiler is reduced, and the power consumption of the fans is reduced; the wear of the furnace is greatly reduced after the bed stock is reduced and the circulating ash becomes thinner.

Through the reconfiguration of the flow regime, the power consumption of the fans of the latest generation of circulating fluidized bed boilers can be reduced by 30% compared with the previous traditional boilers, and the power consumption of the boilers can be equal to that of the pulverized coal boilers.

3. Low nitrogen environmental protection, high efficiency desulfurization

The latest generation of circulating fluidized bed boilers control the initial NOx emission within 50-120mg/Nm3 by means of the theory of fluid reconfiguration, low-temperature combustion, staged air supply technology, and optimal design of air distribution, which can be achieved only by using SNCR. Ultra low emissions.At the same time, when the Ca/S ratio is 1.8-2, the desulfurization efficiency of limestone in the furnace can reach more than 90%-98%, which saves a lot of investment cost and operating cost for users.

4. High-efficiency separation technology, guarantee of boiler performance

Efficient separation technology is the guarantee for steady state design and fluid state reconstruction theory to become reality.

The latest generation of fluidized bed boiler optimizes the separator structure, the separation efficiency is as high as 99.6%, the separation diameter d50 reaches 10-15μm, and d99≤100μm.

The high-efficiency separation technology effectively reduces the particle size of the material, improves the material concentration in the upper part of the furnace, reduces wear, improves the combustion efficiency, improves the utilization rate of limestone and the desulfurization efficiency in the furnace.The latest generation of circulating fluidized bed boilers have an annual operating time of more than 8,200 hours and an overhaul period of more than 5 years, ensuring reliability.

5. New hood and air distribution device

The latest generation of circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts the company's new patented air cap technology, which has more uniform air distribution, stronger fluidization, no layering of bed material, and can effectively prevent ash from pouring. The air cap has a self-cleaning function, and is easy to install and maintain.

The optimized design of the air distribution plate strengthens the air distribution at the four corners of the air distribution plate and the surrounding walls, which fundamentally solves the uneven fluidization of the four corners and the surrounding area, and solves the problem of local high temperature and local low temperature coking; changing the air cap arrangement at the slag outlet, not The slag is blocked, the slag is discharged more smoothly, and the slag is selected more finely.

Energy saving and environmental protection

1. Wide fuel adaptability.A large amount of bed material is laid on the air distribution board of the circulating fluidized bed boiler. The bed material has a strong heat storage capacity and can play a good role in ignition and stabilization of combustion. , lean coal, lignite, coal gangue, slime, etc. can be burned;

Boiler fuel related data

Fuel particle size requirements (biomass)


Limestone particle size requirements


Calcium-sulfur ratio Ca/S (desulfurization efficiency)


Applicable fuel

Anthracite, lean coal, bituminous coal, lignite, coal gangue, slime, etc.

Thermal efficiency%


2. High combustion efficiency.The boiler adopts fly ash separation and recovery cycle combustion technology, and the combustion efficiency can reach more than 99%;

3. Efficient desulfurization.The boiler adopts low temperature combustion technology, which can realize the desulfurization of limestone in the furnace, and the desulfurization efficiency can reach 90-98%;

4. Low nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.The boiler adopts a new low-nitrogen combustion technology, and the initial emission of NOx from the boiler can be controlled within 50-120mg/Nm³;

5. Good ash activity, easy to realize comprehensive utilization, no secondary ash pollution.The ash discharged from the boiler is an ideal raw material for cement products, and can also be used for the extraction of rare metals in the ash.

6. Large load adjustment range, load adjustment block.Using the fluidized combustion method, the boiler load can be flexibly adjusted by controlling the coal supply and air volume, the load adjustment speed is fast, the adjustment range is wide, and the normal combustion can be performed in the 30%-110% load range.

Under the circumstance that my country's current environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent, coal types are changeable, the proportion of direct combustion of raw coal is high, and the contradiction between coal combustion and environmental protection is becoming increasingly prominent, circulating fluidized bed boilers have become the first choice for environmental protection and energy-saving products.

product category

1. Coal-fired boiler:

≤480t/h All kinds of ultra-high pressure, high, medium and low pressure boilers

2. SFG series power station boiler:

35t/h various sub-high pressure and medium pressure boilers

75t/h various high pressure, sub-high pressure and medium pressure boilers

130t/h various ultra-high pressure, high pressure, sub-high pressure and medium pressure boilers

260t/h various ultra-high pressure, high pressure and sub-high pressure boilers

480t/h various ultra-high pressure and high pressure boilers

3. DHX series steam boiler:

45t/h~130t/h various low pressure boilers

4. SHX series steam boiler:

10t/h~35t/h various low pressure boilers

5. QXX series hot water boiler:

Various types of low pressure hot water boilers from 7MW to 168MW


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