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The first on-site exchange seminar of Xuzhou high-level accounting talent training class ended successfully in our company
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The first on-site exchange seminar of Xuzhou high-level accounting talent training class ended successfully in our company

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       On the morning of April 22, the first on-site exchange seminar of the city's first high-level accounting talent training course organized by the Xuzhou Municipal Finance Bureau was held in our company.Director Hu Ping of Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance, Xuzhou Taxation Bureau, Xugong Group and other well-known enterprises, institutions and administrative departments jointly 20named the financial leaders came to our company.Jiang Hong, deputy general manager and chief financial officer of the company, received and presided over this on-site exchange and seminar, and all members of the finance department participated in the seminar.

      In the morning of that day, in the 10the company's comprehensive building , the event started on time.201conference room of Jiang Hong, the financial director of the company (this class committee), delivered a welcome speech.Director Jiang first thanked the leaders of the Finance Bureau and the colleagues of the Xuzhou Finance Leaders for coming and guiding. She introduced the main ideas of the company's development, as well as the main situation of financial innovation management to promote the healthy and rapid development of the company, and invited all participants to give valuable suggestions. Opinions to help Sifang Boiler’s financial management work innovate and improve.

      Director Hu Ping of Xuzhou Municipal Finance Bureau delivered a speech.She said that as the implementation of the first phase of the training plan for leading accounting talents, improving the quality and efficiency of training through the combination of learning and application is the key task of Xuzhou's talent strategy.This event was successfully held under the direct guidance of Director Li Hui of the Accounting Office, the careful planning of the leading class committee, and the active response of Sifang Boiler.I hope that all the students will cherish the opportunity, actively interact, communicate and improve together in similar practical activities.

      All the members who participated in the activity watched the promotional films, brochures and self-run newspapers of Sifang Boiler Company.Under the guidance and explanation of Director Yan of the Production Department, everyone visited the heavy-duty steam drum workshop and the blanking workshop of the Production Department with great interest.Being in the production site, one after another of high-tech equipment, standardized and orderly positioning, using the 7S on-site management method, "fishbone diagram" quality control, the students have taken pictures and praised.

      Back at the seminar venue, the theme of this event, the borderless discussion of financial management PPT of Comrade Chen Ying, the director of the company's finance., kicked off in the financial accounting process From the construction of financial teams to the implementation of borderless financial management, from the main line of research, production, supply, sales and service to the integration of financial personnel and finance, from small financial accounting supervision to large financial management analysis, three aspects have fully demonstrated. The company's refined financial management culture is refreshing.

Zhai Jihong, Luo Xudong and Dong Fei from XCMG Group, Municipal Taxation Bureau and other units shared their management experience.They R&D, taxation, manufacturing cost allocation, and ERP system utilization.communicated with Mr. Jiang on the aspects of Mr. Jiang also shared with the students the company's order management model, how to control the budget, the highlights of performance appraisal, etc., and made a serious record of the valuable suggestions and experience sharing of the students, and thanked them together.

        Director Hu of the Accounting Department of Xuzhou Finance Bureau, who participated in the whole process, fully affirmed the results of this activity in the summary, thanked Sifang Boiler Company for its enthusiastic service, and asked the students to strive to become proficient in business, good at management, Leading accounting talents who have the courage to innovate, have outstanding performance, serve the improvement of corporate financial management, and meet the needs of our city's economic development.( Contributed by the Finance Department)

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