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The company won the Xuzhou "Hope Project 20th Anniversary Special Contribution Collective Award"
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The company won the Xuzhou "Hope Project 20th Anniversary Special Contribution Collective Award"

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        On the afternoon of August 23rd, the Xuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Xuzhou Hope Project Office jointly held the "Grateful Twenty Years for New Hope" party to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the Hope Project.Our company was awarded the "Hope Project 20th Anniversary Special Contribution Collective Award", the company's party branch secretary Luo Yu attended the party on behalf of the company and received the trophy and certificate.
        The chairman of the company, Mr. Duan Xuqiang, has been insisting on the same day for more than ten years, and enthusiastically devotes himself to the "Hope the project to help students realize their dreams".Since the establishment of Sifang Boiler, it has actively donated money and has been doing good deeds. It has been commended and praised by the provincial, municipal, district (county) league organizations, the Women's Federation, the Hope Project Office and all sectors of society.
        With the theme of "Thanksgiving for 20 years and holding up new hope", the party showed the development process of the Hope Project in Xu's 20 years in an all-round way.Based on typical cases, the gala was narrated with touching stories and the most moving language, supplemented by scene performances of artistic creation, which opened the prelude to the 20-year commendation of Project Hope.In the event, through VCR, situational narrative, interviews and other methods, the caring people's support and care for the children were described.Whether it is Xu Xiuying opening the city's first Hope Primary School with personal donations, Zhao Haipei's family sponsoring children, or the "Train Love Photography Department" founded by laid-off worker Wang Ping, the story of helping nearly 200 impoverished students to realize their dream of studying, all of them. Let the audience feel the warm sincerity and selfless love.(office)

The picture shows the 20th anniversary special contribution collective award trophy and certificate of Xuzhou Hope Project

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