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The company held the 2013 sales work conference
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The company held the 2013 sales work conference

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        At 9:00 am on January 11, the company's 2013 sales work meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the west.All the staff of the sales company, all the management staff of the engineering project department and the finance department attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Wang Mingyue, the manager of the sales company, and Ye Feng, the general manager of the company, interpreted the "2013 Sales Management System". Chairman Duan Xuqiang attended the meeting and made an important speech.
        This meeting was held at the end of the year and was held under the new situation of the company's sales work resigning from the old and welcoming the new.The meeting mainly issued and specifically interpreted the company's sales management system in 2013, reported the completion of the tasks of all sales staff and sales branches in 2012, briefly summarized the sales work in 2012, and fully deployed the sales work in 2013.The meeting proposed that under the general pressure that the global economic crisis will continue, in 2013, efforts should be made to ensure the completion of the sales task of 450 million yuan, and strive to achieve sales income of 500 million yuan.The meeting made it clear that in the new year, the sales management work should be based on the needs of the scale development of the enterprise, and strive to adapt to the strategic requirements of the company's large-scale boiler products. Management backbone, further strengthen the competition and incentive mechanism, build and expand the platform for boosting enterprise development and sales staff to create wealth, laying the foundation for the healthy and rapid promotion of sales work in the new year.
        At the meeting, manager Wang Mingyue announced the completion of sales tasks such as the top 10 sales in 2012.General Manager Ye Feng made a detailed interpretation and interpretation of the contents of each section of the sales management system in combination with the actual work requirements.Zhu Qiuping, deputy general manager in charge of sales, expressed his determination to unite and lead the sales company to achieve new breakthroughs in the large-scale product market under the leadership of the chairman and general manager.Chairman Duan emphasized in his concluding speech: First, we must continue to implement active and flexible sales policies, maximize the enthusiasm of all sales staff, and create a broad sales platform for enterprises to generate income and personal wealth; second, to further increase large-scale sales Product marketing efforts should be the "engine" of large investment, large output, and large returns; the third is to effectively strengthen the functions of each branch, strengthen unity, and concentrate on promoting sales; the fourth is to further promote the implementation of "sales personnel" Technological " strategy, continue to strengthen the echelon construction of sales personnel; Fifth, strict management, strengthen training and learning, and vigorously improve the overall quality of the sales force.(office)

The picture shows Wang Mingyue, the manager of the sales company, presiding over the meeting and reporting the completion of the sales tasks in 2012. The

picture shows the chairman Mr. Duan Xuqiang making an important speech.

The picture shows the general manager Ye Feng interpreting the 2013 sales management system. The

shows the deputy general manager of sales, Zhu Qiuping, speaking at the meeting.

picture A corner of the conference venue

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