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Company Profile

Our Mission

Integrate high-end technology to create high-quality boilers

Corporate Vision

Become a leader in high-end design, fine and intelligent manufacturing, and stable operation in the boiler industry

Brand interpretation

The LOGO design of the registered trademark of Sifang Boiler consists of graphic letters.Coloring takes green and red.The pictographic letters are "S, F, G, L" respectively, which are the abbreviations of "Sifang boiler" in Chinese spelling, and are shaped like flames and boilers.Red represents energy and green represents environmental protection.

Customer Concept

Supremacy, unlimited service

Quality Concept

Character achieves products, quality wins the market
The concept of talent is based on meritocracy, and morality is the first
Core Values ​​Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Transcendence


Run, life is more exciting!
Integrate high-end technology to create high-quality boilers

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+86 516 85871846
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