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The company held "Who am I working for" large-scale special training camp activities
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The company held "Who am I working for" large-scale special training camp activities

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        On February 8th, according to the requirements of the company's 2012 full-staff training plan, the company invited Mr. Liu Yuliang, a well-known public speaker and a special lecturer from the Huashang College of Renmin University of China, to hold a seminar at Xuzhou Industrial Vocational and Technical College with the theme "Who am I working for?" "The special large-scale training camp activities.More than 400 cadres and employees from the company's production line, quality inspection, warehouse and other departments and offices took seven buses to participate in the special training activities that day.The company's general manager Ye Feng, deputy general managers Zhang Houxing, Deng Yizhong and other responsible comrades participated in the all-day event.
        Starting from 8:30 a.m. that day, Mr. Liu Yuliang took advantage of the four classes in the morning and afternoon to raise the question of "Who am I working for", and then asked for citations. Your own happy work " answer.With his humorous and witty language, sincere emotions, rich and colorful special training content arrangement and sincere zero-distance interaction, Mr. Liu demonstrated that work attitude is greater than ability, and analyzed the core of responsibility layer by layer.He emphasized that, first of all, you must be 100% responsible for your own life, and "I" is the root of everything.We must have the sunshine mentality of a panda, the efficiency of an ant, and the team spirit of a geese.Learn to be grateful: be grateful to the country, be grateful to your parents and family members, be grateful to the enterprise for the kindness of knowledge and experience, build a career platform, and be grateful to the endowment of life.Mr. Liu's wonderful speech aroused warm applause from time to time at the special training site.
        Before the start of the special training activity, Ye Feng, the general manager of the company, made a mobilization speech.He asked all the cadres and employees who participated in the activity to cherish this valuable training and learning opportunity, combine their own life and work reality, seriously participate in the training, deepen their understanding, and earnestly understand the problem of "who am I working for".Through this special training activity, we will further correct the attitude towards work and life, strengthen the sense of goal, responsibility, crisis and mission, better cherish and grasp the business platform of Sifang Boiler, and pursue and realize the correctness through our own efforts. life value.(Lord Jade)

The picture shows the scene of the special training camp for who do I work for.

The picture shows Mr. Liu Yuliang giving a speech. The

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