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The company grandly held Jiangsu Sifang boiler products in northern Anhui
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The company grandly held Jiangsu Sifang boiler products in northern Anhui

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        On June 29th and 30th, our company "Jiangsu Sifang boiler product quality seminar in northern Anhui" was carried out as scheduled.More than 30 leaders from the Geological Supervision Bureau and Special Inspection Branch of Huaibei City, Hefei City, Bengbu City, Bozhou City, Suzhou City, and Chuzhou City in the northern Anhui Province were invited to participate in the seminar.Yao Jiayu, leader of Xuzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, and Ren Zhiquan, leader of Special Inspection Institute, participated in the event.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, and Ye Feng, general manager of the company, received and accompanied the whole process.
        According to the plan of this product quality seminar, the company held a grand welcome banquet at Haitian Holiday Hotel on the evening of June 29.The next morning, after the leaders visited our company's China Resources Industrial Park in the rain, they held a product quality seminar in the conference room on the second floor of the company.At the meeting, Yao Jiayu, deputy director of Xuzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, first gave an enthusiastic speech; Duan Xuqiang, chairman of the company, introduced the development of Sifang Boiler in recent years to the leaders, and reported that the company firmly adhered to product quality as the center and all staff invested in it. The main work experience and experience of taking multiple measures to ensure that the product quality level is stable and rising, and the company's current and next development plans are prospected.The leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision and the Special Inspection Branch in the northern Anhui region who participated in the meeting made speeches one after another.They unanimously praised Sifang Boiler's entrepreneurship and development achievements, and are full of expectations for the company's grand plan of outstanding main business, simultaneous development of multiple businesses, scale fission and group development in the future.Focusing on the quality and service themes of Sifang Boiler's boiler and pressure vessel products in the northern Anhui market, the leaders at the meeting gave practical and pertinent comments or suggestions.Everyone agreed that the company's products have a good reputation in the regional market, and Sifang Boiler has a good market reputation.Product sales continue to rise, after-sales service is warm and thoughtful, and the current customer usage is stable and good.It is recommended that Sifang Boiler take further measures on the existing basis to eliminate blind spots in market sales, increase sales in the region, and strive to increase market coverage.At the same time, it is recommended to strictly control the supporting links such as the entrusted installation company in the local area, and highlight the requirements of its credibility, qualifications and strength elements, so as to ensure and further enhance the satisfactory sales and overall image of Sifang boiler products in the local area.At the meeting, the leaders of various bureaus and branches expressed that they will continue the past and forge ahead, provide industry policy support and facilitate the handling of relevant regulations for the steady improvement of Sifang boiler products in the local market, and provide enthusiastic services and escort to further promote the sales level of Sifang boiler products.
        On the same day, the staff of the company's sales department in various offices in northern Anhui also accompanied the leaders to conduct a remote visit and exchange activities. The next morning, this product quality seminar was successfully concluded.(Lord Jade)

The picture shows Chairman Duan accompanying the company to visit. The

picture shows the corner of the seminar venue .

The picture shows Yao Jiayu, Deputy Director of Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, giving a speech at the seminar. The

shows Chairman Duan of the company introducing the situation at the seminar. The

picture picture shows the leaders of

picture shows the leaders of Bozhou Quality Supervision Bureau speaking at the seminar The

Chuzhou Quality Supervision Bureau speaking at the seminar The

picture shows the leaders of Fuyang Quality Supervision Bureau speaking at the seminar The

picture shows Hefei Quality Supervision The leader of the bureau speaks at the seminar The

picture shows the leader of Huaibei City Quality Supervision Bureau speaking at the

seminar The picture shows the leaders from all over the country who participated in the seminar and took a group photo in front of the ancient city gate of Taierzhuang


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