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The Secret of Industrial Boiler Classification Types
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The Secret of Industrial Boiler Classification Types

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    With the rapid development of society and economy, industrial boilers are used in many industrial production processes. This is a kind of energy conversion equipment. Its product characteristics are relatively obvious. Production and living provide the required thermal energy.It is mainly converted into mechanical energy through a steam power plant, and also through a generator to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and there are steam boilers for us to choose from.So, what are the classifications of industrial boilers?

    Industrial boilers can be seen in many large thermal power stations, as well as ships, locomotives and large industrial and mining enterprises, playing an important role.There are mainly power station boilers and industrial boilers, which are widely used in large-scale formal and well-known thermal power plants and in textiles, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.In addition, there are special boilers and domestic boilers. Special boilers are mainly used in the shipbuilding industry and dual-phase two-steam cycle boilers.

    In addition, according to the type of working medium and output state, industrial boilers can be divided into steam boilers, which are divided into saturated steam and superheated steam.Among them, the working fluid of the hot water boiler is water, and the output working fluid is unsaturated hot water.Special working fluid boiler Boiler working fluid other chemical fluids other than water, such as the historical mercury-mercury steam boiler.It can also be divided according to the structure type of the main body. There are mainly horizontal and vertical boilers. The main heating surface is the boiler. It is a major improvement of the early boilers, and the safety and reliability are greatly improved.

    What are the classifications of industrial boilers, you should know clearly?You will find that the characteristics of industrial boilers are more obvious, and there are more distinctions between domestic boilers and industrial boilers. According to the classification of pressure, they can be divided into atmospheric pressure boilers and non-pressure boilers, as well as power station boilers and industrial hot pots.

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