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Pay tribute to dedicated devotees and strive to be the pioneer of project service
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Pay tribute to dedicated devotees and strive to be the pioneer of project service

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                                                            ——From the customer thank you letter after reading

11On the 30day of the month, Hancheng Heating Co., Ltd. of Xi'an Ruixing Urban Heating Development Group sent a warm thank you letter to our company.The letter praised Comrade Liu Jianmin, the project manager of our company's engineering department. In the on -site service of the 1 2- 160ton boiler project provided by our company, "the service guidance is conscientious, the technical business level is excellent, the organization and coordination ability is strong, and his work has been unanimously recognized and praised."

Coincidentally, when the 11on schedule 4, Cangzhou Haotian Energy Conservation 58MW boiler project provided by our company was running Heating issued a pennant on the spot and sent a letter of thanks to Zhang Jing, the project manager of our company's engineering department. and praise.

While praising the two project managers, the above two customers unanimously affirmed our company's technical strength, staff quality and management level, and expressed their good will to consolidate business feelings, devote themselves to complement each other's advantages, and create a brilliant future together.

Immediately, Chairman Duan and other leaders of the company and the responsible comrades of relevant departments fully affirmed and praised the deeds of Comrade Liu Jianmin and Zhang Jing, and called on all employees of the company to learn from them.

Of course, in other project services that our company has already completed or completed, each project service personnel has made different degrees of efforts, which have been affirmed by customers accordingly.All these have laid the foundation for making persistent efforts in future work.

The gold cup and the silver cup are not as good as the customer's word of mouth.Word-of-mouth is reputation, word-of-mouth is performance, and word-of-mouth is qualification.The project managers represented by Liu Jianmin and Zhang Jing kept their responsibilities in mind, took root on the site, were not afraid of hardships, organized and coordinated, and fulfilled the company's contractual commitments with fruitful performance. While fully embodying personal value, he worked for projects and departments, added luster to the company's image and reputation, and made due contributions.

To learn from Liu Jianmin and Zhang Jing, we must first unify our thoughts and understandings to the overall situation of the company's adjustment and development.Going against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat.Under the general pressure of the current and future economic downturn, the company has made timely and clear decisions in terms of development planning and positioning, sales and product structure, organization and management, and team building, and has achieved initial results.

At present, with the successive landing and continuous development of large projects, the company will face more and more tasks in engineering project services, the target positioning will become more and more clear, and the corresponding comprehensive resource investment will be further concentrated and increased.All employees of the company must further strengthen the awareness of crisis, opportunity, dedication and honor and disgrace, take the advanced as an example, improve their personal goals in a timely manner, and actively obey and serve the overall development of the company.It is necessary to base itself on the position of the department, effectively strengthen the sense of responsibility and goal, do more practical things, and achieve more performance, reflect personal value with actual performance, demonstrate the consciousness of love and dedication, and everyone strives to be the pioneer of serving major projects and serving the great development of enterprises.

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