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Our company has won the title of Jiangsu Famous Brand Product
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Our company has won the title of Jiangsu Famous Brand Product

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       A few days ago, Xuzhou Quality Supervision Bureau forwarded the "Jiangsu Province Famous Brand Product Certificate" organized by Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and Jiangsu Province Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee.This is a re-affirmation of the quality of our company's "Sifang" boiler products, and a new period of praise for the product brand.

    Last 5month, the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision issued the "Notice on Doing a Good 2015Job in the Application of Jiangsu Famous Brands". Three transformations " and transformation and upgrading, according to the State Council's "Quality Development Outline" (Guo Fa [ 2012] 9No.), "The Provincial Government's Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a Strong Quality Province" (Su Zheng Fa [ 2012] 91No.) and "Jiangsu Famous Brand Management Measures" , After research, it was decided to organize and carry out 2015the evaluation work of Jiangsu famous brand declaration.

    Xuzhou Quality Supervision Bureau attached great importance to it, and our company's Political Research Office and Quality Management Department responded positively and submitted the declaration truthfully as required.It has been reviewed and recommended by the district and municipal quality supervision bureaus, declaration data publicity, enterprise on-site review, user satisfaction telephone survey, network survey, report and complaint survey, expert review and scoring, review and confirmation by the provincial famous brand product promotion committee, and publicity of the primary selection list. Rigorous working procedures were finally officially announced by the Provincial Famous Brand Product Promotion Committee. Our company's "Sifang Brand" industrial boiler products won this title again.



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