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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler held the 2012 "Dream Action" Scholarship Donation Ceremony
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler held the 2012 "Dream Action" Scholarship Donation Ceremony

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        On the morning of August 27th, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd. held the 2012 annual "Dream Project" granting ceremony.Chen Qiang, Vice Chairman of Tongshan District Federation of Trade Unions, Wang Bei, Vice Chairman of Liuxin Town People's Congress, Chairman of the Trade Union, and Duan Xuqiang, Chairman of Sifang Boiler attended the ceremony. Also attending the ceremony were the Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Liuxin Town, the organization officer, the person in charge of the Guan Work Committee, and Liu Xin In the 2012 academic year of the town, 10 new students and representatives from poor universities were assisted.
        At the donation ceremony, Duan Xuqiang, chairman of Sifang Boiler, made a passionate impromptu speech.He firstly welcomed all leaders and students who came to participate in the corporate donation ceremony during their busy schedules.While congratulating the 10 new students for their titles on the Golden List, he put forward ardent hopes and demands.He said: Donating to school and giving love is an important activity that Sifang Boiler has been carrying out for many years since its establishment.The students are not afraid of hardships and hardships and are determined to study hard. Most of them have been admitted to key universities. He is very envious and happy.Chairman Duan briefly introduced the establishment and development of the company to all the participants, focusing on the work and experience of meritocracy, people-oriented, and innovative development.He hopes that the students will regard the current temporary difficulties as a precious experience in life, a rare spiritual wealth in the process of growth, turn the loving donation of enterprises into a strong sense of responsibility to the society, and firmly establish strict self-discipline, diligent study, self-improvement and self-reliance. , Repay the sense of gratitude and forge ahead in the society, strive to be strong, aspire to become a talent, live up to the ardent hopes of Sifang Boiler and all sectors of the society, and strive to become a pillar of talent as soon as possible, benefiting the hometown and repaying the society.Chairman Duan has repeatedly said that in the future, if the students have any difficulties in learning and need the help of the company, they can contact them at any time, and Sifang Boiler will provide assistance within their ability.
        Chen Qiang, vice chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, delivered an important speech at the ceremony.He fully affirmed that the chairman of Sifang Boiler Section has insisted on caring for students and donating funds to realize his dreams over the years, which reflects the responsibility and social responsibility of an entrepreneur, and has set a benchmark in the local business community, which is very worth learning and carrying forward.He encouraged the assisted college students to take this as a driving force, repay their gratitude, study hard, be determined to become talents, and serve the society.
        In the discussion session of the ceremony, after Cao Qizeng, the representative of the assisted college students, took the lead in speaking, the other students expressed their gratitude and expressed their opinions in turn.The students unanimously expressed their sincere thanks to Sifang Boiler, the party and the government for their loving support, and they must redouble their efforts, study hard, and repay the love of the chairman of the Sifang Boiler Section with excellent results.The old comrades of the Liuxin Town Customs Work Committee who attended the ceremony also made a sincere impromptu speech.
        Luo Yu, Secretary of the Party Branch of Sifang Boiler and Chairman of the Trade Union, presided over the donation ceremony. Chairman Duan distributed 3,000 yuan per person to the 10 new students or family representatives of the recipient universities. This time, a total of 30,000 yuan was distributed.

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