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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler: Epidemic prevention and control "cloud office", caring for customers to see the truth!
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Jiangsu Sifang Boiler: Epidemic prevention and control "cloud office", caring for customers to see the truth!

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       Recently, the epidemic has rebounded in many parts of the country.On March 29, the epidemic prevention and control in Xuzhou was upgraded, and enterprises in the region were forced to suspend production.Jiangsu Sifang Boiler, which is undertaking a number of large-scale livelihood security and other boiler contract projects across the country, has responded positively, taking multiple measures to open the "cloud office" model, and strive to ensure multi-site project docking plans, pre-production preparation schedules, and customer online services. plan.With the technical support of the company's information technology department, the technical center, marketing center and other cadres and employees actively participated in epidemic prevention and ensured the advancement of the plan. With practical actions, they explained that they can endure hardships, fight especially, and the epidemic is ruthless. "There is love everywhere!

       Tech Center: Computer "unmanned" running.At about 9:00 a.m. on March 30, the R&D hall of Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Technology Center was empty, but dozens of computer monitor screens flickered with light and shadow, byte beating, and the work drawings naturally showed...

       People are busy at home, and the picture is from the company.At present, it is at the critical stage of contract performance between Sifang Boiler Company and "Enfi" waste incineration boilers, "Barton" waste heat utilization boilers and other large-scale projects; A pre-sales technical service project followed one after another.Hearing that the city's epidemic prevention and control enterprises have stopped production, the company's technology center, together with the Ministry of Information Technology, immediately used the remote control software to set the designer's home computer as a simple operating medium, and networked with the company's design hall computer to ensure encryption and confidentiality. On the premise, provide home design operation.Colleagues in the technical center arranged for 2 resident personnel to be on duty in the technical hall to ensure safe operation.

       Fight the epidemic together, work hard and work hard.It is understood that the overall arrangement of the technical center, the active response of the main technical center and the design backbone of party members, etc. At present, there are 45 people from the four boiler design departments that are affiliated to draw drawings at home respectively; in addition, according to the real-time needs of the project, the container, electrical, process and working hours are checked for price. Posts in the department are ready to provide linkage services in a timely manner.In order to ensure the timeliness of working from home, the technical center has unified management personnel to maintain online interaction in real time to solve relevant problems. Taking the department as a unit, the workload of each department is counted and summarized on the same day to ensure the implementation of the project plan.

       Marketing Center: Tender filling temperature.In the current epidemic situation, customers come first, and Sifang Boiler Marketing Center is heart-to-heart with customers all over the country.Last night and this morning, the busy and busy Sifang Boiler Marketing Center urgently mobilized and made overall arrangements.Among the more than 30 bidding projects, the Taiyuan SZS70 project, Sinopec gas furnace, Xinjiang gas furnace, GCL Group waste heat heat exchanger and other urgent businesses have been sorted out and divided into groups.Corresponding to different project bidding websites, distribute electronic keys for home operation, and implement fast and efficient service response with the highest quality comprehensive resource input and guarantee of Sifang Boiler through the department "cloud linkage"; with professional responsibility and strong feelings, help Project clients around the world minimize the impact and losses of the epidemic.

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