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Waste Heat Boiler for Construction Industry
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Waste Heat Boiler for Construction Industry

  • steam boiler 

  • 1-15 tons 

  • 0.7-14MW 


A waste heat boiler is a boiler that utilizes the sensible heat in the waste gas, waste or waste liquid in various industrial processes or the heat generated by the combustion of combustible substances.Waste heat boilers are widely used in non-ferrous smelting, black smelting, chemical industry, building materials, papermaking, solid waste and other industries.Its characteristics are: 1. The heat load is unstable; 2. The flue gas is corrosive; 3. The dust content of the flue gas is large; 4. The flue gas has strong adhesion, and the heating surface is easy to wear.

Technical advantages

1. The problem of secondary reaction heat of smoke and dust:

The waste heat boiler flue gas contains volatile sulfides and combustibles, which will further complete the chemical reaction and release heat.The design of the waste heat boiler fully considers the heat of chemical reaction to meet the needs of the production process.

2. Ash accumulation problem:

According to the smoke temperature of each flue, we can reasonably choose the pitch of the membrane wall, control the average wall temperature of the membrane wall, so that the smoke and dust on the convection heating surface will not stick, so as to remove the ash and ensure the ash removal effect of the convection heating surface .On the heating surfaces of different temperature zones, reasonable arrangement of ash cleaning devices.

3. Wear problem:

The waste heat boiler has a high dust content, and the wear problem seriously affects the service life of the boiler.Considering the importance of the waste heat boiler, on the one hand, the heating surface pipes are made of thick-walled pipes to improve the strength of the pipes; on the other hand, the flue gas flow rate is reasonably controlled to reduce the wear rate, reduce the failure rate of the waste heat boiler, and improve the service life of the waste heat boiler.

4. Corrosion problems:

Because the flue gas contains SO2, HCl, HF and other acid gases, reasonable selection of boiler steam parameters and control of the temperature point of the heating surface can avoid high temperature corrosion and low temperature corrosion.

5. Expansion and sealing problems:

Expansion joints are installed at the inlet and outlet flues of the waste heat boiler to absorb the expansion of various parts of the boiler.At the same time, the boiler body is equipped with an expansion guide device to ensure the free expansion of the furnace body, limit the displacement, and prevent the deformation and vibration of the furnace body.In order to ensure the sealing effect of the waste heat boiler, the overall arrangement of the waste heat boiler is a full-membrane wall structure, which not only ensures the sealing and thermal insulation effect, but also reduces the accumulation of ash and slag and improves the efficiency of the waste heat boiler.

6. Personalized module design:

The boiler can be individually designed according to user needs, can be combined arbitrarily, and can be increased or decreased freely.Evaporator, economizer, etc. adopt modular design as much as possible, the assembly rate is high, and the amount of on-site installation works is reduced.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The waste heat boiler uses the sensible heat in the waste gas, waste or waste liquid in the industrial process or (and) the heat generated by the combustion of its combustible substances to heat the water to a certain temperature and provide hot water or steam for use in other sections. Improve the utilization rate of fuel combustion, reduce costs and increase benefits for enterprises.The waste heat boiler has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, long operating life, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance.After the flue gas treatment, it meets the environmental protection standards, reduces the environmental protection pressure of the enterprise, and helps the green development of the enterprise.


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