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Xuzhou conducts a good fight against air pollution and implements flue gas dewhitening treatment for 18 coal-fired thermal power companies
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Xuzhou conducts a good fight against air pollution and implements flue gas dewhitening treatment for 18 coal-fired thermal power companies

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    Can the environmental quality of Xuzhou be effectively improved in a short period of time?Can the historical air pollution be effectively controlled in a short period of time?Can Xuzhou, once surrounded by smog, regain the blue sky and white clouds?The subtext of this series of questions is that there are many difficulties, but since this 4month, Xuzhou City launched a tough battle to prevent and control air pollution, which gave everyone hope.

    In the past few days, blue sky and white clouds have become a hot word among citizens, and friends from different places have posted the blue sky in the WeChat Moments.For a time, the blue sky and white clouds were not a dream, and letting the blue sky speak became people's praise and expectation.The recognition and enthusiasm of the common people tell us that air pollution control is the most basic people's livelihood and the greatest public interest.

    The good weather in the senses makes everyone happy, and a set of figures from the environmental protection department makes us more confident in bringing back the blue sky.According to the province's latest air quality report, since the beginning of this year, the number of days of ​​Xuzhou City has 73by more than the same period last year 8;excellent quality in the of 78urban area increased Especially since 4the 9launch of the air pollution prevention and control campaign in the city of Yueri, the intensity of air pollution prevention and control has continued to increase, and the measures have been continuously refined. By the end of the 6month , 6Xuzhou City was PM2.5 in the concentration of 53.2μ g/m3 , which was better than the average level of the province.Among them , the 5in a single month, a year-on- PM2.5 in Xuzhou was concentration of 49μ g/m3 year decrease of 20.6% and a month-on-month decrease of 22.3% 5. The number of excellent days in the month was 1,000 20days, which increased year-on -year 10, and the improvement of air quality achieved phased results.

   Effectively strengthen organizational leadership

   Comprehensively compact governance responsibilities

    The improvement of environmental quality depends not on rain or wind, but on strong organizational leadership.Since the beginning of this 4year, the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have established the city's air pollution prevention and control action headquarters with the main leaders of the party and government as the commander-in-chief and the relevant leaders of the city's four groups as the deputy commanders, and set up 16a special working group according to the rectification tasks. , transfer personnel from relevant departments to work in a centralized manner, clarify responsibilities, perform their duties, and concentrate efforts to promote air pollution prevention and control.The headquarters has held four plenary meetings to make specific arrangements for phased work and resolution of outstanding problems.

    At the same time, Xuzhou City formulated and issued the "Xuzhou City 2018Annual Air Pollution Prevention and Control Plan", which is the most powerful and strictest in history 17. , the management tasks are engineered, project-based, and node-based, and the construction period is reversed and the number is sold one by one in accordance with the way of wall chart operations to ensure the effective and orderly implementation of the tough action.

Xuzhou also vigorously promotes the air pollution prevention and control action as the first of the annual "Top Ten Key Environmental Protection Supervision Projects". The municipal party committee and government will sign target responsibility letters with various units in various places, and implement the responsibility to specific units and specific enterprises. .The assessment work is based on the principles of "monthly scheduling, quarterly assessment, and annual job debriefing", and through positive incentives and reverse force mechanisms, to promote the prevention and control of air pollution and achieve practical results.

   Focus on six key areas

   Vigorously carry out centralized management

    Xuzhou City focuses on six key areas and makes a point of illegal sewage discharge.

    The air pollution prevention and control action first aimed at the 13654"scattered and polluted" enterprises in the city, and implemented classified measures to close down or stop production.Rectifying "scattered and dirty" enterprises does not mean blindly closing.The relevant person in charge of the city's environmental protection department said that the shutdowns are all "scattered and polluted" enterprises that do not comply with industrial policies and have no hope of governance. "This is a labor pain that must be endured"; for enterprises with market value, " Dredging is more important than blocking ", the government should take the initiative to serve, help transform and upgrade, and accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy.

   "Coal-burning pollution" is also a "big problem" problem in Xuzhou.After the start of the air pollution prevention and control campaign, the 10classification and remediation of coal-fired boilers with a steam capacity of more than 1000 tons was carried out, and the city 18flue gas dewhitening treatment project was implemented for all coal-fired thermal power enterprises in 171. 22the Enterprises and 11coal production (including coal washing) enterprises in the city conduct high-frequency sampling inspections.

    At the same time, in the fields of furniture, printing and dyeing, gas filling stations and other industries, Xuzhou City focuses on special inspections of VOCs pollution, focusing on the source control, process management, and end treatment of enterprises, to ensure the normal operation of treatment facilities and equipment. Enterprises with processing capacity will be resolutely eliminated and shut down.

Xuzhou has also formulated and issued various construction site, port and wharf management specifications, and found that the facilities are not perfect and the measures are not in place to stop work and rectify in time.Carry out classified cleaning of various types of roads, and increase the intensity and frequency of night cleaning of suburban roads and roads.Strictly investigate and punish illegal acts of large and medium-sized freight vehicles.4Since the beginning of this month, the city has investigated and dealt with 7800more than 100 cases of illegal acts of construction vehicles, such as overloaded and over-limited vehicles 2263, and materials have been thrown and dripped 377.

For illegal quarrying and stone processing sites, resolutely take measures to ban, close, dismantle, suspend production and power off, and severely crack down on major typical cases suspected of illegal crimes in accordance with the law.The city has closed and banned illegal quarrying (crushed stone) farms 554, and stopped production and rehabilitated legal quarrying 29.

    Highlight four key industries

    Implement classified rectification according to law

    Among the by the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate in Xuzhou City , some 10problems reported 8of them are related to the large proportion of traditional industries and the emphasis on industrial structure.Therefore, after the air pollution prevention and control campaign began, Xuzhou City adhered to the direction of source control, took key industry governance as a breakthrough, focused on steel, coking, cement, electric power and other industries , established a special work leading group, formulated and issued an implementation plan, A city-wide mobilization meeting was organized for special deployment, and the optimization of the layout and transformation and upgrading of key industries were carried out in an all-round way.

    Except for the electric power enterprises operating in compliance, in accordance with the principle of "stop production first and then rectify", Xuzhou City has implemented all other enterprises in the four major industries to stop production and resolutely eliminate enterprises with backward production capacity to ensure that pollutant emissions and comprehensive energy consumption levels are fully in line with country requirements.

    At the same time, strictly implement the planning of the main functional areas of the city, and prohibit new production projects that pollute the atmospheric environment in the city's core control areas. The municipal government has issued relevant support policies and set up a special working group "residence in factories to promote" to guide the control area. Existing projects and projects located in the upwind direction of the city will be relocated and withdrawn in an orderly manner, opening up "breezy corridors" for urban construction and development.

    Combined with the adjustment of industrial layout, guide enterprises to actively integrate through mergers, equity, asset acquisition and other forms, encourage enterprises to go global, promote the optimal allocation of resources, and promote the development of advantageous enterprises in the four major industries.For the enterprises that will be retained after clear rectification, an implementation plan of "one enterprise, one policy" has been formulated, vigorously promoted technological transformation, eliminated high-energy-consuming and high-polluting production process equipment, and comprehensively adopted new technologies, new processes, and new materials to effectively reduce Resource energy consumption and industrial pollutant emissions.

   Strengthen pollution prevention and law enforcement

   Strictly implement accountability

    Looking back at the air pollution prevention and control actions over the past three months, it has always been thrilling. The ancient Xuzhou has experienced torment and tests.Since the battle of air pollution prevention and control, Xuzhou City, referring to the "Intensified Supervision Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Areas", dispatched the backbone of law enforcement from the environmental protection department to set up 12a tough law enforcement team to carry out uninterrupted law enforcement on key enterprises.Up to now, the tough law enforcement team has inspected 3485entrepreneurs , and the accumulative amount of fines is 8159.610,000 yuan.

For the problems found by strengthening law enforcement in different places in the province, the Municipal Atmospheric Attack Headquarters will summarize and sort out, clarify the responsible units and the time limit for rectification, and instruct the relevant responsible units to handle them in the form of handover orders, and the supervision and accountability team will follow up on the rectification and development.Up to now, a total of assignment orders have been issued 72, 1 issue has been assigned 2184, 1 has been rectified 1893, and the completion rate is 86.7%

    In order to ensure the formulation and issuance of the "The City's Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Supervision and Accountability Work Plan", the responsible units and responsible persons who have a floating style and ineffective work will be seriously investigated and held accountable.Since the city's air pollution campaign, a total of 119accountability has been held for those responsible for ineffective air pollution prevention and control actions, including party discipline and government sanctioners 67, organization handlers 4, and admonishing interviewers 48.


Source : China Jiangsu Net

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