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Xuzhou Market Supervision Bureau visited Jiangsu Sifang Boiler to optimize the business environment
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Xuzhou Market Supervision Bureau visited Jiangsu Sifang Boiler to optimize the business environment

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      On the morning of August 2, Director Kong Xiangning of Xuzhou Market Supervision Bureau led Wang Xuejun, Director of Private Division, Hu Yuehua, Director of Marketing Division, and Sun Guangsheng, Director of Special Division, to Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Company to optimize the business environment and serve the high-quality development of enterprises. Conduct research visits.Duan Xuqiang, chairman of Sifang Boiler, accompanied him to investigate and introduce the situation of the company.

      During the visit, Director Kong Xiangning had a comprehensive understanding of the production and operation of the company and inquired about the development status of the company in detail by walking into the heavy-duty steam drum workshop, industrial boiler workshop, pressure vessel workshop, pipe workshop and enterprise technology R&D center of the Sifang Boiler Production Department. .In the face-to-face discussion and exchange, Director Kong briefly introduced the main content, relevant policies and purpose of the theme activities of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau to improve supervision efficiency, optimize the environment for winning business, and help enterprises develop high-quality. Business environment-related policies were preached and interpreted.

      After listening to the brief introduction by Chairman Duan Xuqiang of Sifang Boiler, Director Kong Xiangning and others have continued to increase investment in R&D and innovation of Sifang Boiler in recent years. The management has improved the image, and won the trust of customers with services. The company has shown a good development trend in the industry and fully affirmed it.

      Focusing on the protection of enterprise intellectual property rights and relevant policy support, the management of abiding by contracts and keeping promises, as well as the guidance and service work related to supervision, the participants had in-depth discussions and exchanges.After listening to the company's opinions and suggestions on relevant policies, functional services, and management, Director Kong and others said that the Market Supervision Bureau will carefully sort out the feedback, focus on optimizing the business environment, further improve service awareness and service quality, and effectively help companies solve problems The actual difficulties in production and operation shall be specifically arranged and connected, and the business environment of the market supervision bureau shall be further optimized to improve the satisfaction of enterprises and better serve the high-quality development of enterprises.

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