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What types of industrial boilers
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What types of industrial boilers

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Our country is a relatively developed country with industrialization. Industrial boilers can be seen in many large and small enterprises.In particular, power plants, as well as various fertilizer factories, will use industrial boilers.According to the characteristics of the furnace, it can be roughly divided into six categories. The characteristics of each different industrial boiler are different. So, what are the characteristics of the industrial boiler?What types of boilers are there?Let's take a look with you all:

What types of industrial boilers

Generally speaking, there are many types of industrial boilers, there are mainly six types of industrial boilers, including vertical shell, horizontal shell, double-drum vertical D-type, and double-drum vertical Set O type, double drum vertical type M, single drum longitudinal type A.You will find that the characteristics of the vertical boiler shell are obvious, the structure is compact, the floor space is large, and the operation and maintenance are more convenient. This type of boiler is suitable for low-pressure small industrial boilers, and the capacity is generally less than or equal to 1th.
In addition, there are also horizontal boilers . The shell mechanism is relatively compact, it is fully assembled and shipped from the factory, and it is more convenient to install and move. The water capacity is large, and it can generally adapt to load changes.However, it also has the disadvantage of poor thermal expansion compensation ability, which is not sufficient for fuel, and is widely used in many low-pressure small industrial boilers.The double-drum vertical type D type has a relatively large water capacity, adapts to load changes, has good heat transfer effect, high thermal efficiency, strong generalization, and high degree of serialization.
What are the types of industrial boilers, you should know clearly?You will find that there are many types of industrial boilers. In addition to the common vertical boilers and horizontal boilers, there are also double-drum longitudinal O-type and double-drum longitudinal D-type, and single-drum longitudinal type A. It belongs to a steam boiler with compact structure, simple structure and furnace wall, and metal energy consumption, and belongs to a large-scale industrial boiler.

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