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What to pay attention to when using industrial boiler production
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What to pay attention to when using industrial boiler production

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What to pay attention to when using industrial boiler production

Industrial boiler products are mainly divided into two types, one is steam, which is mainly used for power generation, and the other is power supply, which uses coal as raw material, which is the more common type of industrial boiler.What should we pay attention to when using industrial boiler production?The following will give you a detailed introduction.

It is necessary to reduce the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler during boiler production, because the exhaust gas of the boiler is the largest heat loss, and the amount of exhaust gas mainly depends on the temperature of the exhaust gas, so reducing the exhaust gas temperature is an important measure to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler .During use, it is necessary to avoid slagging or ash accumulation on the hot surface.
If there is a lot of dust, it is necessary to blow soot regularly. The longer it is, the thicker it will become.Because ash deposits will produce cohesive sulfates and sulfites, etc., it is not easy to clean after a long time, soot blowing medium can choose superheated steam, compressed air and inert gas.
In addition, a certain amount of boiler ash cleaning agent needs to be put in. The boiler needs to put in a certain amount of ash cleaning agent during combustion operation. After entering the furnace, it will biochemically decompose, and the coking and slagging of the heating surface of the furnace will contact and penetrate into the heating surface. The explosion reaction decomposes the high-temperature slag to decompose and fall off, which can reduce and prevent the generation of soot.
In the production of industrial boilers, the heating surface of the rear surface should be increased or improved, so the metal consumption of the boiler and the flow resistance of the flue gas should be increased. When encountering fuels with high sulfur content, the temperature of the exhaust flue gas should be kept higher.Reasonable exhaust gas temperature must be determined by technical and economic comparison in terms of the price ratio of metal and fuel, the increase in operation and maintenance costs, etc.

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