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What to do after a corner tube boiler leaks
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What to do after a corner tube boiler leaks

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As a commonly used industrial equipment, the angle tube boiler can not be used all the time, it has a certain service life.Not only that, the angle tube boiler may also malfunction during the operation, which will have a certain impact on its operation effect.Water leakage is one of the common faults during the use of angle tube boilers. Let's see how the maintenance personnel solve such problems?

What to do after a corner tube boiler leaks

The inner wall is a common part of the water leakage of the angle tube boiler, which is also divided into the leakage of the drum and the leakage of the water wall and the descending pipe. If the leakage of the former is relatively small, the same steel grade can be dug and repaired, and then the flaw detection can be carried out after digging and repairing; If the water leaks, the pipe needs to be replaced, and the one with a larger area is replaced.
Relatively speaking, if there is water leakage in the drum of the angle tube boiler, the repair cost is still relatively high, but it mainly depends on the location of the leak and the size of the leak.If the boiler seeps red pot water, it means that there is a problem with the water quality, which may be due to metal corrosion caused by low alkalinity or too high dissolved oxygen in the water.If the alkalinity is low, add sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate to the pot water. If the dissolved oxygen in the water is too high, it should be solved by a deaerator.
Secondly, the water treatment system of the corner tube boiler will also leak water. It is necessary to check whether some are caused by boiler corrosion. If yes, remove the scale first, repair the leaking part, and then treat the circulating water, add chemicals, and adjust the boiler and other equipment. The material is used for corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition and protection.
In addition, the leakage of the flue of the corner tube boiler will also cause adverse consequences. The solution is to first check whether it is caused by the boiler bursting or tube sheet cracks. If you need to change the tube, dig and repair the material used for the flue, aluminum and stainless steel materials. Can use aluminum wire or carbon steel argon welding, iron material can be directly acid electrode.
In addition, it is its valve that leaks water in the corner tube boiler. This kind of problem is easier to solve, just add packing or replace a new valve.After all the water leakage problems in the corner tube boiler are solved, it is also necessary to test in-house to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

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