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What should you pay attention to when the power station boiler fails
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What should you pay attention to when the power station boiler fails

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    In many large enterprises, as well as power manufacturers, power plant boilers are used, mainly boilers used by power plants to generate electricity. Their product performance advantages are relatively obvious, they are widely used, and their capacity is relatively large. Now the main unit is 600MW . It can reach 1000MW , and its product types are more, mainly divided into two types: pulverized coal furnace and circulating fluidized bed boiler.So, what should we pay attention to when the power station boiler fails?

    You will find that the functional characteristics of the power station boiler are relatively obvious, the quality requirements of its products are relatively high, and the service life is relatively long. There will always be problems of one kind or another in the process of use. Therefore, we must regularly do a good job in the power station. Boiler maintenance and maintenance work.First of all, the quality inspection requirements must be strictly controlled, from the construction specifications of power station boilers, as well as the various parts inside must be carefully inspected, the drain pipes connected to the main steam pipe and the construction welds, and the selection of joints are also very important. important.

    At the same time, in the operation and maintenance of power station boilers, you must pay attention to the strength of the maintenance unit, and do not ignore the small pipes outside the furnace, and the maintenance quality is difficult to guarantee.Full attention should be paid to the safe operation of small pipes outside the furnace, and the design and construction of the entire power station boiler products should be strengthened.

Do you know what to pay attention to when the power station boiler fails?Before we use the power station boiler, we must carefully check the various parts of the equipment, especially the safety of the pipeline equipment . Including weak links such as pipeline welds, elbows, valves, supports and hangers.


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