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What should I pay attention to when installing an oil and gas boiler?
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What should I pay attention to when installing an oil and gas boiler?

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       With the rapid development of society and economy, oil and gas boiler products are used in many large-scale project construction and boiler construction. The equipment characteristics of oil and gas boilers are relatively obvious. In the construction of many large factories, as well as hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools, The bathing center, as well as enterprises and institutions such as greenhouses and baths, play an important role, and can also meet the bathing, domestic hot water and heating requirements of the user.Especially when installing oil and gas boilers, there are many things that need special attention. So, what should be paid attention to when installing oil and gas boilers in general?
       There are many installation requirements for oil and gas dual-purpose boilers, especially when installing oil and gas boiler equipment, we must pay attention to the construction preparations in the early stage of installation, and master the installation method. It is also necessary to pay attention to the relevant construction preparations after the approval of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. All construction personnel must be familiar with the furnace drawings and technical information related to boiler installation, and the construction can be carried out only after the specifications and regulations.
       You should know what to pay attention to when installing oil and gas boilers, right?You will find that when the entire industrial boiler is transported horizontally, the sleepers must be higher than the boiler foundation to ensure that the foundation is not damaged. When installing the boiler equipment, be sure to pay attention to the fuel pipeline of the burner itself. , The two fuel hose interfaces for oil return, especially when the control cabinet is installed, the control box gathers the switch buttons of the burner, the program controller of the burner and the terminals of the automatic operation and protection device, especially the control box. The line has been connected, and the user only needs to connect the external main power supply.

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