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What kind of structure type does the power station boiler have?
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What kind of structure type does the power station boiler have?

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Power station boilers are not very familiar to us, but we can also understand power station boilers, which can not only expand our knowledge, but also allow us to understand more about power station boilers. So, what kind of structure type does power station boilers have? ?

What kind of structure type does the power station boiler have?

Power station boilers, generally speaking, are boilers used by power plants to generate electricity.Generally, the capacity is large. Now the main unit is 600MW. At present, the more advanced ultra-supercritical boiler has a capacity of up to 1000MW. There are two main types of power plant boilers: pulverized coal boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers.These two types of boilers are the main types currently used in power plants.
The main structure type of utility boiler mainly depends on factors such as fuel characteristics, boiler capacity and steam parameters.Common ones are inverted U-shaped, tower-shaped and box-shaped.
Inverted U type: suitable for boilers and fuels of various capacities, so it is widely used.The height of the boiler is lower than other furnace types, the heating surface is more convenient, and the fan and dust removal equipment can be placed on the ground, but the area is larger.
Tower type: suitable for boilers burning ash-rich bituminous coal and lignite, with no turning flue, which can reduce the local wear of the fly ash on the heating surface, and occupies a small area.However, the furnace body is high, and the installation and maintenance are more complicated.
Box type: suitable for oil and gas boilers with larger capacity.The flue above the furnace is divided into two parts: one part is directly connected to the furnace outlet, and the flue gas flows upward; the other part of the flue gas flows downward.The advantages are that the structure is compact, the floor area is small, and the connection between the boiler and the steam turbine is more convenient.The disadvantage is that the manufacturing process is more complicated and the maintenance is difficult.
The above is what kind of structure type the power station boiler has. I hope this knowledge can help everyone and let everyone understand the power station boiler more clearly.

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