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What are the types of power station boilers
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What are the types of power station boilers

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Our country is a relatively developed country with industrialization. Many power plants use power station boilers with relatively large capacity. Now the main unit is 600MW, which is mainly used to provide industrial electricity and residential electricity.You will find that there are many types of power station boilers, mainly divided into pulverized coal boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers. Then, what is the difference between these two types of power station boilers?What should we pay attention to when we install it?

What are the types of power station boilers

You will find that there are many types of power station boilers. The most widely used are fluidized bed furnaces and pulverized coal furnaces. The biggest difference is liquid and coal powder.The reheater tubes and superheater tubes of power station boilers are prone to damage and corrosion, and maintenance work must be done regularly.At the same time, in the process of installing power station boilers, it is mainly divided into front wall arrangement, front and rear wall hedging arrangement and four-corner arrangement. Cyclone burners can be used, and the pulverized coal pipeline arrangement is relatively simple, which is suitable for a variety of fuels.
The characteristics and advantages of general power station boilers are more obvious. The overall structure type is more like books, including inverted U-shaped, tower-shaped and box-shaped.The characteristics of each power station boiler are different. Among them, the inverted U-shaped power station boiler is suitable for boilers and fuels of various capacities and occupies a relatively large area.The tower-type power station boiler is suitable for boilers burning ash-rich bituminous coal and lignite, which can effectively reduce the local wear of the heating surface caused by fly ash.
What are the types of power station boilers, you should know clearly?You will find that the characteristics of the hot pot in the power station are more obvious, the scope of application is relatively wide, and there are many types of structures for you to choose from, mainly including inverted U-shaped boilers, tower-shaped boilers, and box-type boilers. Comparison of the frequency of use of inverted U-shaped boilers High, and the box type is suitable for oil and gas boilers with larger capacity.When installing power station boilers, we should also pay special attention to regular maintenance and maintenance.

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