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What are the types of oil and gas boilers
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What are the types of oil and gas boilers

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      With the rapid development of society and economy, oil and gas boilers are used in many large factories and enterprises. There are two types of industrial boiler products. One is steam, which is used for power generation or gas supply. It plays an important role in many fertilizer plants and power plants. important role.Coal-fired boilers still account for the majority of industrial boilers. Gas-fired waste heat boilers are generally used to recover waste heat and are important thermal power equipment.So, what types of oil and gas boilers are there?What are its product features and advantages?
      In the future, the market for industrial boiler products has broad prospects for development. With the popularization of high-performance products and the improvement of product quality, oil and gas boilers will be used in the entire factory, and industrial boilers with about 70,000 steam tons need to be updated. Installed capacity, the demand is relatively large, especially in large and medium-sized cities, the proportion of small-capacity coal-fired boilers will drop significantly, which will increase the market demand for boilers burning household waste and biomass, which can improve clean fuel and clean combustion. probability.
      You will find that there are many types of oil and gas boilers, which are mainly divided into layer-fired boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers, oil-fired and gas-fired boilers. This type of boiler has obvious advantages in energy saving and environmental protection performance, and has a broad market development prospect. The characteristics of heat transfer, high combustion efficiency, wide fuel adaptability and low emission of pollutants make this boiler equipment should be actively developed and applied in coal-fired industrial boilers of ≥ 10 t/h.
      You should have a clear understanding of the product types and development prospects of oil and gas boilers, right?Generally speaking, the characteristics of oil and gas boilers are more obvious. This kind of boiler can improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler and reduce pollutant emissions. It has a very broad market prospect in the entire gas boiler, and is widely used in many large factories. Product market development.

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