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What are the types of industrial boilers
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What are the types of industrial boilers

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    In practical applications, industrial boiler equipment will be used. There are two types of industrial boiler products. One is steam, which is used for power generation or gas supply. It plays an important role in many large factories, power plants, and coal mining enterprises. Using coal as raw material and synthesizing fertilizer, this is a typical industrial boiler.Generally, according to the type of boiler, there are mainly layer-fired boilers, oil-fired, gas-fired boilers, and more waste incineration boilers and coal-water slurry boilers. So, what are the advantages of these types of industrial boilers?
    You will find that there are many types of industrial boilers, mainly with the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. On the basis of washing and screening the raw coal and improving the combustion equipment at the same time, the layer-fired boiler will have greater development on the basis of improving the combustion equipment. space, which can greatly improve its work efficiency.
    In addition, the circulating fluidized bed boiler is also one of the common industrial boilers. It has the characteristics of enhanced heat transfer, high combustion efficiency and wide fuel adaptability, which can improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler and can significantly reduce pollutant emissions. The oil substitution policy and the increase in environmental protection efforts have made the market prospect of gas boilers quite broad.
    What are the types of industrial boilers, you should know clearly?We will find that layer-fired boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers are more common. In addition, due to the increase of combustible materials such as paper, plastic, wood, and fibers, waste incineration boilers will also be used, and waste incineration will reduce the volume of waste by 90%. %, the weight is reduced by more than 70%, and these substances can be converted into electricity.In addition, in our real life, coal-water slurry boilers also play an important role.

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