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What are the technical characteristics of industrial boilers
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What are the technical characteristics of industrial boilers

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What are the technical characteristics of industrial boilers

Our country is an industrialized country. In many large enterprises, industrial boilers are always seen, mainly divided into DZL series water and fire tube coal-fired boilers, as well as various types of boilers such as oil and gas boilers.We can choose industrial boilers according to our actual needs. Then, what are the technical characteristics of industrial boilers?What should we pay attention to when choosing an industrial boiler?

You will find many industrial boilers of different models and specifications, including SZL series water tube coal-fired boilers, WNS series oil (gas) boilers, SZS series oil (gas) boilers, organic heat carrier boilers, etc.The heating surface of the convection tube bundle is arranged on the left side of the equipment in the industrial boiler, and the threaded tube is used in the drum. The double-sided water wall and the low and long rear arch are arranged in the furnace to match the short and high front arch. There are 3 to 4 independent wind silos, equipped with blowers, induced draft fans, coal loading machines and other equipment.
Generally speaking, the characteristics of industrial boiler equipment are more obvious. They are all made of high-efficiency heat transfer threaded flue pipes. Compared with the heating surface of exhaust pipes and other forms, the heating surface is placed in the flue, which doubles the heating capacity of the boiler. The design of the smoke velocity in the tube is very important.Since there is basically no ash accumulation during operation, the output and thermal efficiency of the boiler do not decrease with the extension of the operating period. Therefore, a large number of high-efficiency heat transfer threaded smoke pipes are immersed in the boiler water, and the outer area of ​​the boiler shell is directly exposed to fire, so that the boiler The water heating time is significantly shorter than that of water tube boilers.
What are the main characteristics of industrial boilers, you should know clearly?In the face of many industrial boiler equipment on the market, we can compare more, and it is very important to choose a large-scale and well-reputed industrial boiler equipment manufacturer.There are many different types and specifications of industrial boiler equipment, we can choose according to the actual production needs.

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