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What are the structural characteristics of oil and gas boilers?
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What are the structural characteristics of oil and gas boilers?

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    With the rapid development of society and economy, oil and gas boiler equipment is used in many coal mining enterprises and large engineering enterprises. The structural characteristics of this oil and gas boiler are relatively obvious. The contained liquid is heated to a certain parameter and is a closed device that carries a certain pressure.It mainly plays an important role in industrial and textile factories, schools, processing plants, pharmaceutical factories, district heating, as well as large general hospitals and large buildings.So, what are the structural characteristics of general oil and gas boilers?
    You will find that the characteristics of oil and gas boilers are more obvious, with high efficiency, simple structure, easy to use auxiliary equipment, more fully intelligent automatic control and equipped with multi-level protection system, relatively high combustion efficiency, can produce 40t/h Shell boilers are more popular in the market than back boilers and wet back boilers, and oil and gas boiler equipment can be selected according to actual needs.The characteristics of oil-fired (gas) boilers are relatively obvious, which can reduce the noise of boiler operation, automatic dosing device, and softened water treatment device.
    You should have a clear understanding of what are the structural characteristics of oil and gas boilers?Compared with coal-fired boilers, oil and gas boilers have obvious characteristics. The fuel is injected into the boiler hearth through the burner, and advanced fire chamber combustion is adopted without the need for grate facilities. The combustion efficiency is relatively high. Therefore, the oil and gas boiler has no slag discharge outlet and slag removal equipment, the structure is compact, the use method is simple, and the floor area is relatively small.Therefore, the oil and gas boiler equipment has been welcomed by the majority of customers and friends as soon as it is listed.

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