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What are the product characteristics of oil and gas boilers?
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What are the product characteristics of oil and gas boilers?

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    In our real life, especially in large factories, oil and gas boilers are used. Its working principle is relatively simple. It is mainly based on fuel oil and supplemented by gas. Before the boiler is ignited, the gas switch must be kept off. How does a boiler work?What are its product features?Presumably this is a problem that many friends are particularly concerned about, so let's learn about it together:
    we will find that the characteristics of oil and gas boilers are relatively obvious and are widely used. This oil and gas dual-purpose boiler can be fueled alone or gas alone. You can also use the dual-purpose oil and gas, which can play an important role.Its product features and advantages are relatively obvious, and it can meet the requirements of low nitrogen and environmental protection. There is no problem at all below 30mg. If the requirements are lower, you can choose according to your own needs.
    At the same time, the oil and gas boiler has the advantages of nitrogen environmental protection, and also has the characteristics of stable combustion. Before using it, you must master its correct use method. You can ignite the fuel oil first, then ignite the gas, and mix a part of the air with the gas before burning ( The primary air excess coefficient is between 0.2-0.8), and the thermal combustion efficiency is relatively high.
    What are the working principles and characteristics of oil and gas boilers, you should have a clear understanding of them?Oil and gas dual-purpose boilers generally burn oil and gas types of fuels. In fact, oil and gas boilers have a wide range of applications. Their product features are relatively obvious, the mechanism of burning appliances is simple, and the combustion is stable and the method of use is simple. This kind of dual-purpose oil and gas is relatively simple. Using gas or fuel oil is more economical and has many advantages, so it is widely used in many large boiler plants.

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