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What are the precautions for the operation of intelligent control autoclave?
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What are the precautions for the operation of intelligent control autoclave?

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       In many large engineering enterprises, it will be seen that the intelligent control autoclave plays an important role. The equipment has obvious characteristics and a wide range of applications. There are many things that need special attention when operating the equipment. Then, the general intelligent control autoclave What are the precautions for the operation of the kettle?
       In the process of safe operation of the autoclave, the safety valve must be regularly inspected and maintained. The safety valve plays a role in safety protection. Generally, the autoclave of large pressure vessels is generally equipped with two safety valves. If one fails, the other one will be activated. , regular inspection and maintenance can ensure its good operation.
       In addition, the sealing ring is installed between the kettle door and the kettle ring, which can play a sealing role. In order to reduce its frictional force, before closing the kettle door each time, it is necessary to apply a lubricant mixed with graphite powder on the kettle ring. , in this way, its service life can be extended, and the sealing ring with a long service life can be checked and updated to ensure the tightness of the kettle door.
      When the autoclave is running, it should ensure that all safety accessories are complete and reliable. Once any abnormal phenomenon is found, it needs to be dealt with in time.When the temperature of the whole autoclave is heated, a large amount of condensed water will be produced, and these condensed water will easily lead to the stability difference between the top and the bottom of the autoclave, and it is easy to form stress.The corrosion of water and gas can also easily reduce the strength of the material and easily affect its constituent materials. It is necessary to discharge the condensed water in time. If it is not discharged in time, the condensed water will remain at the bottom of the kettle, forming a low temperature area, and the temperature difference will increase, forming the inside of the kettle. Excessive stress difference and thermal deformation difference up and down.
       Everyone, you should understand the precautions for the operation of the intelligent control autoclave, right?During operation, the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment should be done regularly, especially in the process of opening and closing the kettle door, be sure to ensure that the kettle door and the kettle ring are well sealed, and there is no air leakage, and avoid facing the kettle when opening the door. door to avoid being scalded by the high temperature residual air.

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