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What are the main aspects of the safety of power station boilers?
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What are the main aspects of the safety of power station boilers?

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What are the main aspects of the safety of power station boilers?

The power station boiler is indeed different from the previous coal-fired boilers, mainly because it is not only more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, but also can realize automatic operation and safety control, which fully guarantees the safety and efficiency of the equipment. One of the most used boilers.

The safety and efficiency of power station boilers are mainly reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, the electric control system of the boiler is concentrated on a computer control board. When the power station boiler is running, the operator only needs to replace the water on time and connect it correctly. Electricity, just prepare the gas it needs.Any control instructions about the utility boiler can be operated by the operation of the electric system, saving labor and waste of fuel.
On the other hand, when the operation switch of the power station boiler is pressed, its electric system will automatically enter the fully automatic operation state and start the safety equipment.Not only that, it can also automatically alarm and trip when the power station boiler has a circuit short circuit, leakage, water shortage, etc.
It is confirmed from the above two aspects that the operation of the power station boiler is indeed very safe and efficient, but for some reason, the outlet water temperature of the power station boiler is sometimes unstable.In order to solve this problem, it is also necessary to determine whether the return water temperature also fluctuates alternately like the outlet water temperature.
In this case, you can compare the temperature difference between the outlet and return water in several fluctuation stages of the power station boiler. The small change in temperature difference indicates that there is no problem with the boiler itself. Then you can find the reasons for the circulation and system pipelines. It may be that there is stagnation in the pipeline. or air bubbles, causing poor circulation.If the temperature difference is also large, the boiler itself has a problem, check whether the combustion condition of the burner is different.

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