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What are the levels of industrial boiler factories?
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What are the levels of industrial boiler factories?

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    Now the rapid development of electric power enterprises, industrial boiler equipment is used in many engineering enterprises. There are many types of industrial boilers, and their manufacturers are also uneven. When choosing industrial boiler manufacturers, we should pay attention to their brand awareness. , but also depends on its comprehensive strength. Generally speaking, the grades of industrial boiler factories are different. So, what are the grades of industrial boiler factories?
    You will find that there are many levels of industrial boiler manufacturers, mainly divided into A-level boiler manufacturers and B-level boiler manufacturers, as well as C-level boiler manufacturers and D-level boiler manufacturers. When choosing an industrial boiler manufacturer, you should pay attention to its reputation. The popularity also depends on the qualifications of the enterprise. There are no restrictions on the A-level boiler manufacturers, which is the highest level of the boiler manufacturing license level, while the B-level boiler manufacturers can only manufacture steam boilers with a rated steam pressure less than or equal to 2.5MPa (gauge pressure) .
    Do you have a good understanding of what levels of industrial boiler manufacturers have?In addition to the above-mentioned A-class boiler manufacturers and B-class boiler manufacturers, the scope of manufacturing boilers of C-class boiler manufacturers is also specified. Generally, the scope of boiler manufacturing is less than or equal to 0.8MPa and the rated evaporation is less than or equal to 1t/ h steam boilers can also manufacture hot water boilers with rated water temperature less than 120 ℃.In the actual application process of industrial boiler equipment, the scope of boiler manufacturing is steam boilers with rated steam pressure less than or equal to 0.1MPa. It can be seen that there are still many grades of industrial boiler manufacturers. When choosing industrial boiler equipment, it can be compared in many ways. Comprehensive comparison, but also to look at brand awareness, these are more important.

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