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What are the effects of scaling on oil and gas boilers
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What are the effects of scaling on oil and gas boilers

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What are the effects of scaling on oil and gas boilers

Boilers are the products of our lives, and oil and gas boilers are energy-saving and emission-reducing products, and are loved by many customers. However, in the use of oil and gas boilers, due to water quality problems, scale will form in the boiler. What effect does the scale have on the boiler? Woolen cloth?

After long-term operation of the boiler, the problem of scale and rust will inevitably occur. The main reason for the formation of scale in the boiler is that there are hardness components in the feed water. After continuous evaporation and concentration at high temperature and high pressure, a series of physical, chemical The reaction will eventually form a hard, dense scale on the heated surface.Hazards to oil and gas boilers:
1. The heat exchange effect is reduced and the corrosion factor under the scale is caused.
2. The heat absorption of the water-cooled fireplace chamber of the boiler is reduced, and the outlet temperature of the boiler furnace is increased, which increases the loss of the boiler
. The reduction of the thermal effect may lead to an increase in the temperature of the water-cooled wall tube wall, which may cause the water-cooled wall tube to burst, affecting the safe operation of the boiler.
Scale is the "first of all hazards" of oil and gas boilers, and it is the main cause of boiler accidents. Its harmfulness is mainly manifested in: waste of a lot of fuel: because the thermal conductivity of scale is only a few tenths of that of steel, so when the heating surface After scaling, the heat transfer will be blocked. In order to maintain a certain output of the boiler, the temperature of the fire side must be increased, thereby causing heat loss due to external radiation and smoke exhaust.
Oil and gas boilers can now be cleaned with high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly, non-corrosive cleaning agents. The cleaning agents completely dissolve the cleaned scale, exposing the primary metal color of the equipment and reducing the impact of scaling and biological algae sludge.At the same time, it has the effect of stripping iron oxide and ferrous oxide, which can prolong the service life of oil and gas boilers and reduce energy consumption.

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