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What are the characteristics of general angle tube boilers?
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What are the characteristics of general angle tube boilers?

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    Angle tube boiler equipment is applied in many large factories and enterprises, especially in many power plants. The equipment plays an important role. The basic principle of angle tube boiler is to use a piping system as the frame of the boiler, which contains a Tubes, lower distribution headers and upper headers, which bear all boiler loads.The characteristics of the whole corner tube boiler are more obvious.So, what are the characteristics of general angle tube boilers?
    You will find that the structural features of the corner tube boiler lie in a double-acting tube rack system, a supporting structure, and a box body made of a membrane-type water wall and the furnace as a whole, which can reduce the Air leakage, and the water supply pipe connecting the descending pipe and the lower header, and the steam-water outlet pipe connecting the upper header and the drum, make the boiler compact and can greatly improve its work efficiency.
    The boiler occupies a small area, the overall weight is light, the whole boiler mechanism is compact, and the floor area is small. The corner tube boilers all adopt the tube-laying furnace wall structure, and the overall weight is greatly reduced, and the total weight of the boiler is only half of the same type of bulk furnaces. , Compared with other types of boiler equipment, the corner tube boiler house can be built relatively small, and the basic part is relatively simplified, so the capital construction investment is also saved compared with the same type of bulk boiler house.
    What are the characteristics of angle tube boilers, you should know clearly?You will find that the corner tube boiler adopts a fully sealed membrane wall structure, which greatly reduces the air leakage in the furnace. The characteristics of the entire corner tube boiler equipment are more obvious. The furnace is small, about 2 percent lower.

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