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What are the characteristics of circulating fluidized bed boilers?
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What are the characteristics of circulating fluidized bed boilers?

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       In many large boiler manufacturing plants, as well as in the construction process of industrial boilers, circulating fluidized bed boiler equipment can be seen to play an important role. The boiler equipment has obvious characteristics, wide fuel adaptability, high combustion efficiency, and circulating fluidized bed. The combustion efficiency of the boiler is higher than that of the bubbling fluidized bed boiler, usually in the range of 95-99%, and its gas-solid mixing is good.So, what are the advantages of circulating fluidized bed boilers?
       You will find that the characteristics of the circulating fluidized bed boiler are more obvious. The boiler equipment adopts a single drum, natural circulation mode, and has two vertical shafts at the front and the rear. From top to bottom, there are primary air chambers and dense phase areas. , Diluted phase zone, especially its tail flue is composed of high temperature superheater, low temperature superheater, economizer and air preheater.
       The combustion efficiency of the equipment is relatively high, all of which are turbulent beds, so that the fluidization speed is 3.5-4.5m/s, and its combustion efficiency is relatively high. According to relevant studies, the NOX emission range of circulating fluidized bed boilers is 50-150ppm Or 40 ~ 120mg/MJ, it can be seen that its nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions are low.In addition, the boiler equipment has high combustion intensity, relatively small furnace cross-sectional area, and high heat load per unit cross-sectional area of ​​the furnace, which is another main advantage of the circulating fluidized bed boiler.
       What are the characteristics of circulating fluidized bed boilers, you should know clearly?The characteristics of the boiler equipment are relatively obvious, mainly including wide material adaptability, good load adjustment characteristics, and high combustion efficiency. Moreover, the entire circulating fluidized bed boiler equipment has a wide range of fuel adaptability and fewer coal feeding points, which can be simplified. The coal feeding system is more conducive to combustion, the entire fuel pretreatment system is simple, and it is easy to realize the comprehensive utilization of ash and slag. The entire load adjustment range is relatively wide and its load adjustment is fast. Therefore, it plays an important role in many factories and enterprises. At this stage, it is also the selected product for the upgrading of heating furnaces in my country.

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