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What are the characteristics of angle tube boilers?Do you understand its structure?
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What are the characteristics of angle tube boilers?Do you understand its structure?

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    Angle tube boiler equipment is used in many large factories and enterprises, and its product characteristics are relatively obvious. Angle tube boiler is also called tube frame boiler. Its drum is divided into external vertical arrangement or horizontal arrangement, and the combustion efficiency is often higher , The furnace and the heating surface channel are all surrounded by fully enclosed membrane water walls, and the volume is relatively large. Then, what are the characteristics of the general angle tube boiler?Do you understand its structure?
    The four corners of the corner tube boiler are large-diameter and thick-walled descending tubes and steam drums. There are also water-cooled walls, headers, flag-shaped heating surfaces, and reinforcing beams to form a frame structure. Its seismic performance is good, and a unique flag is used. The heat-receiving surface structure technology adopts a large air silo isobaric structure, which can be selected according to different fuels, and the secondary air is arranged on the front wall of the furnace and the rear wall of the furnace.The economizer or air preheater is arranged at the tail of the whole boiler, which can reduce the exhaust temperature of flue gas, save energy and greatly improve work efficiency.
    The corner tube boilers all use a light-weight furnace wall thermal insulation structure, with larger cross-section and higher furnace design, combined with secondary air turbulence and furnace separation and reburning technology, to improve the degree of fuel burnout, and use a full-membrane type. The wall structure, the boiler has good sealing performance and no air leakage, and the beam-type grate is adopted, which has low running resistance and has a good cooling effect on the grate. Ash.
    What are the characteristics of angle tube boilers, you should know clearly?The characteristics of the whole corner tube boiler are relatively obvious. They are all designed with advanced wide coal types. Even if the coal types are changed, they can meet the normal output requirements of the boiler. The unique flag-type heating surface structure technology is also used, and the combustion efficiency is relatively high. , When moving on the grate, the air supply volume of each combustion stage, the air distribution is accurate, which is conducive to the combustion of coal.

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