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What are the basic common sense of industrial boilers
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What are the basic common sense of industrial boilers

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Industrial boilers are widely used in industry and are used in many enterprises and institutions. However, industrial boilers are relatively unfamiliar to many people. What are the basic common sense of industrial boilers?Today we are going to share with you:

What are the basic common sense of industrial boilers

The common industrial boiler is the circulating fluidized bed boiler. Industrial boiler is an important thermal power equipment. my country is the country with the most boiler production and use in the world. Its products are divided into two types, namely steam and gas supply. These two functions The difference is that steam industrial boilers are often used for power generation, while gas-supplied industrial boilers such as fertilizer plants can be vaporized with steam, using coal as raw materials, synthesizing fertilizers, and so on.
my country's boiler industry is facing huge competitive pressure.With the weakening of the manufacturing license protection after entering the customs, the number of foreign enterprises applying for manufacturing licenses in our country is increasing at an alarming rate of 15% every year. By the first half of 2002, the number of foreign boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing enterprises that have obtained domestic manufacturing licenses has reached country's industrial boiler industry and enterprises are facing the pressure of a sharp reduction in tariffs and the increasing number of foreign companies that have obtained Chinese manufacturing licenses.
The requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent. To reduce greenhouse gas emission targets, industrial boiler energy conservation and consumption reduction and emission reduction must be the first to bear the brunt.In order to reduce the damage caused by SO2 to the environment, large and medium-sized cities have adopted measures to restrict the use of coal-fired boilers in urban areas.
The above is an introduction to the basic common sense of industrial boilers. In the process of using industrial boilers, pollutants must be treated to avoid pollution of the atmosphere and harm to people's lives.

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