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Warm congratulations to Comrade Ma Shiqing for winning the honorary title of the first "Tongshan Craftsman"
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Warm congratulations to Comrade Ma Shiqing for winning the honorary title of the first "Tongshan Craftsman"

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      A few days ago, after heated discussions and final selection, the "Tonggongfa jointly issued by the Xuzhou Tongshan District Federation of Trade Unions and Xuzhou Tongshan District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau [2016] No. 48 " "On Commendation of the First "Tongshan Craftsmen" "Decision" states that Ma Shiqing and other 10famous comrades from the production department of our company were awarded the title of the first "Tongshan Craftsman".It marks the debut of the top ten "Tongshan Craftsmen" representing the spirit of craftsman excellence.
The first batch of the top ten "Tongshan Craftsmen" come from all walks of life in the region who are directly engaged in production, technology, research and development, etc. They are skilled and ingenious to build dreams.The top ten "Tongshan craftsmen" are: Ma Shiqing, who has won more than ten skill certificates in the field of boiler and pressure window welding and has been rated as the company's advanced worker for many years; Xuzhou Qiaoweifa, who developed the 4NB burdock leveling machine. Shan Liming, the founder of Xinxin Machinery Co., Ltd.; self-made deep hole boring tooling tools, designed CNC machining tooling for machining inclined guide rails, camshaft seat boring tooling, gear shaft grinding tooling, and iron planer wheel spacer processing tooling Li Jianbo, the innovator of the center operation; Liu Xin, who is ingenious and focused on electrical automation maintenance and has carried out more than ten technical innovations in electrical automation maintenance; Rong Chao, a veritable production all-rounder; Wang Chen, a conscientious production star and senior mechanic; Wang Gang, who pursues the ultimate and perfect professional skills; Zhang Gang, a model in the automotive sheet metal maintenance industry; Zhang Hui, a benefit creator and an outstanding scientific and technological innovation worker;
It is reported that the first batch of ten "Tongshan Craftsmen" will be awarded the honorary title of "Tongshan Craftsman" by the District Federation of Trade Unions, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and will be awarded trophies, certificates and one-time bonus 3000 yuan, and listed at the same time. Into the model worker recommendation and selection back-up pool, priority is given to recommending model workers.In order to further amplify the publicity effect of the first ten "Tongshan Craftsmen", the Tongshan District Federation of Trade Unions has fully integrated the four-in-one network service platform of website, Weibo, WeChat and QQ groups, and actively tells the story of craftsmen to the whole society and showcases the craftsmen. Image, to create "the most glorious labor, the greatest labor, the most sublime labor, the most beautiful labor" social fashion, to encourage the employees in the region to be dedicated and trustworthy, and become the leading craftsmen who are persistent, dedicated, keep improving, and bring forth new ideas.

      The first "Tongshan Craftsman" selection was launched in 2016the year and 3month. The company's trade union responded positively, timely publicized and launched, identified typical candidates for participation in the election, organized materials as required, reported step by step, tracked progress, and received active cooperation from the company's production department.  It is hoped that more and more technical talents in the company will take this opportunity to study professional skills assiduously, actively improve their professional level, and actively participate in such selections, so as to make new contributions to the improvement of their own skills and the promotion of the company's reputation.

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