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To enhance the overall quality of the team, we must focus on improving the "four forces"
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To enhance the overall quality of the team, we must focus on improving the "four forces"

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    In the new year, at all levels and positions, we must combine the actual work of each stage, and earnestly focus on improving the "four powers" as the goal:

    One is to improve cohesion.Team spirit is an important foundation for corporate cohesion, and loving the factory and dedication is the necessary professional ethics for every employee.As a beneficiary of "Sifang" development, we have seen it for all to see and feel the same. In the process of continuous development and growth, no matter how difficult the company encounters, it insists on putting the interests of employees first, and is committed to improving and enhancing the interests of employees. Unswerving .Over the years, "Sifang" has gathered a large number of colleagues with lofty ideals who are devoted to "Sifang", love in "Sifang", and dedicate "Sifang".The situation this year is so difficult. Some employees cannot understand the normal management of the company, and their words and deeds are alienating and damaging to the company's image, which has caused some negative effects.In this regard, managers at all levels and every ordinary employee should take it as a warning. Focusing on the overall situation of the enterprise, they must continuously strengthen their sense of responsibility, professionalism and mission in the Quartet. Strengthen the respect, affirmation and improvement of the ownership, value orientation and environmental conditions of front-line employees.In particular, the management team of the production department should, in light of the actual situation, do a good job in timely communication of employees' ideas, adoption of opinions and suggestions, and improvement of hardware facilities such as rest places after work, praise the advanced, motivate the backward, and do everything possible to seek harmonious labor relations, so as to stimulate employees' enthusiasm. The pioneering spirit increases the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise.

    The second is to improve innovation.In the new year, with the continuous deepening of the optimized combination of all aspects of the company and the extension of the "flat" management model, the innovation consciousness of all employees of the company must be continuously strengthened.In the innovation of ideas and concepts, the innovation of work content, the innovation of work methods and methods, and the innovation of professional and technical projects, we must be based on the post, be concerned with the group, think more of new ideas, and come up with new ideas.In technical design, quality control, cost reduction, sales expansion, project general contracting, logistics support, and building materials business development and other industries and links, we continue to innovate the control points and growth points of each work, creating a new situation for the development of the group.

    The third is to improve decision-making.The main emphasis here is to improve the decision-making ability of the management team to deal with problems.In the new year, the goals and plans are clear and the supporting measures are specific, which only needs to be implemented gradually.Within the scope of responsibilities, from the company executives to the production team leaders, they must be good at breaking the rules, play their functions, and dare to take responsibility.Instead of blindly following bad habits, clinging to shortcomings, and shirking blame; we must dare to try, be good at summarizing, and always pay attention to summarizing and improving management experience on our own side; we must pay attention to strengthening professional learning and professional accomplishment, and be good at listening to and concentrating employees' opinions and suggestions, and keep in mind. We must keep thinking, keep seeking things, come up with new ideas, and come up with good ideas, and effectively reflect the capabilities, levels and values ​​that each management position should have.

    The fourth is to improve execution.Once the company's annual general goals and work decisions at various stages are formed, no matter what difficulties are encountered, all employees of the company must be proactive, create conditions, and do everything possible to accomplish them.In the new year, we will promote the improvement and improvement of the structure of large-scale products, implement new sales policies, strengthen the standardized operation of the quality assurance system, implement the target management of the production process, and open up a new situation of general contracting projects.We must firmly establish the firm confidence to overcome difficulties and take every step forward.It is necessary to earnestly strengthen the sense of functional responsibility, actively exert the accumulated experience, continuously tap their respective potentials, and carry out work creatively, so as to improve the team execution force to a new level in the new year.


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