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There are new options for the utilization of biomass resources
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There are new options for the utilization of biomass resources

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Corn stalks, garden waste, and waste furniture, these biomass wastes that were difficult to deal with in the eyes of others in the past are no longer simply incinerated as fuel, but are converted into non-toxic and green biogas, activated carbon, biological Vinegar liquid, realizes the to realize the utilization of biomass resources ."three birds with one stone"


A few days ago, this equipment, known as a biomass polygeneration device, was officially put into operation in Haining, Zhejiang.This also means that my country has a new choice in dealing with biomass resources such as straw.

"The straw disposal problem that plagued most northern governments in China in the past will be well solved." A county-level city deputy mayor in Northeast China said that burning once brought very serious air pollution, but now he has found a greener solution. Environmentally friendly and efficient treatment.

Xu Dongmin, director of the Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission, said that this project has successfully applied for the first set of policies in China, and the government will provide some financial subsidies for it.

Zhejiang Huashang New Energy Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the operation of the device, has been developing energy and environmental technologies for a long time. Xu Ronggen, chairman of the company, introduced that when a polygeneration device gasifies biomass, the biomass gas can be used as energy for power generation or heating. Relieve energy shortage, and can make activated carbon, extract biological vinegar, and recover waste heat to produce steam in the process of power generation or heating.

The successful commissioning of the project has been called another major technological breakthrough and innovation in renewable energy by a group of authoritative experts from Zhejiang University and others.

Source: Energy Network

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