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The performance engine of the technology department helps the company to improve the strategy of large-scale projects
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The performance engine of the technology department helps the company to improve the strategy of large-scale projects

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 Team work together to unite the fighting spirit   

The performance engine of the technology department helps the company to improve the strategy of large-scale projects


Break out of the busy city in the off-season.Since the beginning of the year, the company's production and operation indicators have been good, and the overall business situation is encouraging.As of the end of the month, the company's sales exceeded 100 million, which is at a high level in the same period in history; orders for large-scale bulk boilers and general contracting projects have increased significantly, and nearly 4quasi-orders can be tracked .It has become 700010,000 under the background that many manufacturers in the same industry have no rice and insufficient work .,a beautiful scenery

Such a good business situation is due to the company's correct decision-making of large-scale products and large-scale general contracting projects, and the unity and hard work of the company's sales, technology, production, engineering and other major teams, not afraid of fatigue, and hard work.

The actual performance proved that the six circulating fluidized bed projects were operating satisfactorily.SHX35-1.6 ,Zhoushan 2Tai -A Ⅱ boiler island project, Bozhou 1Tai SHFX20-1.6-A Ⅱ boiler island project, Xinqiao 1Tai SFG-35/3.82-TX boiler island project, Kaifeng 1Tai SFG-55/3.82 -MX boiler island project, Xinxiangtai 1SHFX20-1.25 -A Ⅱ internal circulation boiler project, Huaibei mine 1platform SHX25-2.5/250-A Ⅰ boiler project have been fired and debugged, and customers are very satisfied with the commissioning results.From the beginning of the project to the end of the project, small problems were solved in time, users responded well, and the technical department also accumulated valuable experience.The project construction and boiler commissioning and operation were very smooth, and users generally responded: "The furnace burns very well!"

Taking advantage of the momentum, a number of design projects have come to the fore.It is obvious to all that, since the beginning of the year, "busy" and "harvest" have become the key words of the company's production and operation in various theaters.Especially in the 56month, the company also undertook four projects of QXX70-1.6/150/90-H SFG-65/3.82-MX QXX17.5-1.6/115/70-A Ⅱ, SFG-25/3.82-MFX .In the case of the tight design task of the technical department, the participants of the circulating fluidized bed project of the department worked overtime and completed the design work on schedule.At present, the four project companies are arranging for production and delivery.

The density of the design project is high. Beijing also signed contracts for 5a 29MW gas-fired hot water boiler, 5a 14MW boiler, and a boiler of Tangshan Zhengfeng Iron and Steel .42t/h coal-fired gasification

Energy efficiency comes first, and technology research and development seize the commanding heights of the industry.A few days ago, China Special Inspection Network "Energy Efficiency Information Release Platform for Boiler Finalized Products" authoritatively released: The energy efficiency test results of designed by our company's technical department show that smoke exhaust SZS46-1.25/130/70-YQ(L) type gas condensing boiler The efficiency of temperature boilers is higher than that of boilers in the same industry, ranking first in this category of products in the same industry.

At the same time, the product has also obtained three utility model and invention patents.The names of the patent certificates are: " A Membrane Water Wall Composite Return Water Condensing Natural Gas Hot Water Boiler "; "New Structure of Air Preheater for Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler"; "Natural Gas Fired Boiler Economizer, Condenser Flue Gas Drainage" structure".

It is understood that at present, the invention patent application for this product has been accepted and is in the substantive examination stage.

We will work together to ensure the overall situation.Since the beginning of this year, in the relatively busy technical support work of the sales company's business and after-sales service projects, the technical department has made obvious assistance and efforts in technical consultation, bidding document provision, and on-site dispatch of personnel.

Caring brings warmth, and backing injects motivation.6On the 11day of the month, the main leaders of the company presided over a symposium for the management personnel of the technical department.He fully affirmed the work performance of all staff in the technical department, listened to everyone's suggestions and opinions enthusiastically, gave corresponding incentive policies, and put forward ardent hopes and requirements.6On March 1st 21, the company held a special meeting to formulate and issue the "Regulations on Product Structure Development and Technical Cooperation (Provisional)", which provided a decision-making guarantee for the improvement and fixation of product structure and project technical assistance.

no pain no gain."Tired and happy!" is the common voice of the current technical team.Make persistent efforts and continue to improve.Under the current booming production and operation situation, all members of the technical department are more closely united, determined to further carry forward the fighting spirit of not being afraid of fatigue and continuous combat, with more new achievements, to accelerate the strategic development of the company's large-scale products and large-scale engineering projects. The overall goals and tasks of the year will be over-completed as soon as possible, and new and greater contributions will be made!






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